Struggling Yankees making other teams look good


Stacy Revere/Getty Images/TNS

The Milwaukee Brewers’ Travis Shaw (21) is congratulated by teammate Avisail Garcia (24) following a third-inning solo home run against the Chicago Cubs at American Family Field on Wednesday, April 14, in Milwaukee. The Brewers are now second in the NL Central

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused delays and cancellation of football and basketball games in the past year, and baseball is no exception.

While some teams have played 17 games already, others have only played 11 games. This will make some teams play doubleheaders at some point.

Knowing they would have more doubleheaders because of the pandemic, MLB decided that doubleheader games would only last seven innings. This change is still in effect for the 2021 season.

However, one baseball game is already long enough, and having two games in one day is exhausting for players. In addition, this can affect players’ career records. Those who are trying to break a historical record will have a more challenging time.

However, as a fan of baseball, I am happy that the MLB is back instead of fully cancelled. I cannot wait to go to a game someday soon.

Currently, the defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers have the best record at 13-3 and lead the National League West by 3.5 games.

The runner up from the last year’s World Series, the Tampa Bay Rays, is currently at 8-8 and right behind the Boston Red Sox in American League East.

The Milwaukee Brewers are currently 8-7, just one game behind the Cincinnati Reds in NL Central.

If you had to guess the worst and the second worst record teams in MLB right now, which teams would that be? I will give you five seconds.. Okay, did you say the New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies? If so, you are correct.

Currently, the Yankees are on five game losing streak. Their record against the Rays is 1-5. This means the Rays, without the games against the Yankees, would be 3-7.

In addition, Yankees record against the Toronto Blue Jays is 2-4. Again, this means the Blue Jays without the Yankees games, would be 3-7.

Basically, the Yankees made both teams look good. It is still very early in the season, but it is odd to see the Yankees as having the second worst record in MLB. Will they bounce back? Let’s talk in a couple weeks.