Paisley Bennet Profile

Kaleia Lawrence, Opinion Editor

Paisley Bennet is used to being the only girl that’s on the team with the guys, but it’s not that important to her.
“I’ve had my time as being the only female athlete on an all-boys team and I’m like I’m cool, I don’t need that anymore,” she said.
While Bennet plays esports for Madison College, she’s dabbled in just about everything.
Throughout high school, she played softball, basketball, and football. Upon graduating, she played softball at North Central University. She also played one year of women’s semi-pro football, but had to quit after one season due to injuries.
Being on the team has been enjoyable thus far, with only a few bumps in the road.
Because of her background in football, she thought that Madden was the way to go. However, it turned out to be not the right fit. Oftentimes, Bennet turned to her dad for advice.
“He always has (played) and he’s good at it so I’d call him and be like, ‘Dad I suck, help me,’” she said.
This season, she’ll be playing Call of Duty instead, which was just added as an option this semester.
“I own all the Call of Duties. I’ve been playing it for years so I’m really excited about that ‘cause I actually know what I’m doing versus in Madden and I’m like wait, what does this button do again?” Bennet said.
Being a part of the esports team allows Bennet to send a message that is important to her.
“It’s like important to me to get out there and show women and little girls of all ages that they can play video games and they can do whatever they want…just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t do the same thing that guys can do,” she said.