Michigan and Ohio State are developing a basketball rivalry

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

It is getting closer to March, and you know what that means! It seems like March Madness will return in 2021. According to Joe Lunardi on ESPN, his bracketology includes nine Big Ten teams, seven Big 12 Teams, six Southeastern conference, six Atlantic Coast Conference, five Pacific-12 conference, and 14 teams from non-Power 5 conferences.

It is good to see non-Power 5 conference teams represented well in various ranking systems. The Big Ten conference still has the most teams to send, and Wisconsin is currently sitting as 4th seed.

Teams that will be in Top 5 this week: Gonzaga, Baylor, Ohio State, Villanova, and Illinois.

There is a great chance that both Gonzaga and Baylor may go undefeated before heading to their conference tournaments. Another story is a big matchup between Michigan and Ohio State. Many people remember their football rivalry. Well, this year there is a basketball rivalry between them. No.4 Ohio State is hosting No. 3 Michigan this week and the winner will be No. 3 and the loser will be outside the Top 5. I believe that Ohio State will win this matchup.

Teams that will be in Top 10: Michigan, Oklahoma, Houston, Texas Tech, and Alabama.

Virginia has some tough matchups this week against Florida State and Duke. Winning both away games is not an easy task, and both teams are known to perform better at home. Duke may not be ranked right now, but no one should underestimate them. Another story is Oklahoma. They are facing Texas and Iowa State this week, and the winner of the matchup between Texas and Oklahoma will enter the Top 10. Oklahoma has had success lately against great teams, and it will be challenging for Texas to stop them.

Teams that will be in Top 15: Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Creighton, USC, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has struggled lately as they have won at home games but lost at away games. This has been common in Big Ten games as teams tend to be hard to beat at home game. This week features the game against No.15 Iowa at home and Northwestern at away game. Northwestern especially struggles this season and Iowa has been struggling at away games, so Wisconsin has a chance to win both games to be in the Top 15.

Teams that will be in Top 25: Texas, West Virginia, Iowa, Florida State, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, Xavier, UCLA, and Florida

There will be some changes because of tough matchups that top 25 teams face. This means new faces in the Top 25. Welcome San Diego State, Xavier, UCLA, and Florida! If one more team loses, Belmont should be Top 25 as well.