College Football Top 25 Game Predictions Week 13

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Ohio State is still undefeated and represents the Big Ten football for the only team that has a chance to make it to the playoff. With a fewer game played than the Atlantic Coast Conference, Big 12, and Southeastern Conference, Big Ten conference is at disadvantage. However, the undefeated Big Ten Football team will be in the playoff without a doubt. It is a disappointing season for Wisconsin after falling short to Northwestern and Indiana, but I am optimistic that they will be more prepared for the next year. The ranking here is based on the college playoff ranking from December 1st, so the rankings here may not be the same by the time the article is published.

No. 1 Alabama vs. Arkansas

My pick: Alabama

Alabama just seems unstoppable at the moment, it is hard to tell.. I meant it is easy to say that Arkansas will not be on their way.

Michigan vs. No. 4 Ohio State

My pick: Ohio State

If the coach Jim Harbaugh-led Michigan beats Ohio State this week, can people call their season successful?

Ole Miss vs. No. 5 Texas A&M

My pick: Texas A&M

Even without playing at the SEC championship game, Texas A&M is sitting pretty as the 5th currently. With Alabama winning and Clemson or Notre Dame falling, Texas A&M brings an interesting case to the playoff committee. It seems that the committee recognized this team more than they did Cincinnati.

Louisiana State University (LSU) vs. No. 6 Florida

My pick: Florida

Regardless of the result, Florida will play Alabama for the SEC championship game. Here is the scary story for the non-SEC teams. If Florida beats Alabama in that game, there is a high chance that two SEC teams are in.

No. 7 Cincinnati vs. No. 24 Tulsa

My pick: Cincinnati

Just keep winning, Cincinnati. Another opponent that can help to boost your resume is here.

No. 8 Georgia vs. Missouri

My pick: Georgia

Georgia received a higher ranking by College Playoff committee than what Coaches and Associated Press polls did. I am glad to see this team getting recognized because their losses came from Alabama and Florida, not against some bad teams.

No. 17 North Carolina vs. No. 10 Miami

My pick: Miami

I predicted North Carolina to beat Notre Dame last week to bring some chaos, but that did not happen. Miami will be able to handle this game.

No. 11 Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

My pick: Oklahoma

Oklahoma is definitely turning their season around with a six game winning streak. With Iowa State ranked as nine in the first college football ranking, it is not completely over for Big 12 to have a team for the college playoff.

Purdue vs. No. 12 Indiana

My pick: Indiana

To be honest, Indiana is much better than its ranking shows. If there were non-conference games, Indiana is likely sitting at 9-1, which can be potential top 5 at this situation. They played extremely well against Ohio State at away game by losing only by a touchdown. It is no surprising to see Indiana beat Wisconsin last week.

San Diego State vs. No. 13 BYU

My pick: BYU

The loss against Coastal Carolina is tough to swallow, but BYU has a successful season so far with a 9-1 record so far.

Illinois vs. No. 14 Northwestern

My pick: Northwestern

What happened Northwestern? With Wisconsin’s loss last week, Northwestern will be advanced to the Big Ten championship game regardless of the result against Illinois. However, if they want to increase their chance for the playoff, taking care of Illinois is a must.

No. 15 Oklahoma State vs. Baylor

My pick: Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State has been struggling lately with three losses out of five games while Baylor has been struggling well.. all season along.

No. 16 Wisconsin vs. No. 19 Iowa

My pick: Iowa

Wisconsin scored the average of 47 points in the first two games while scoring average of 6.5 points in the last two games. On the other hand, defense gave up 9 points in the first two games while giving up 15.5 points in the last two games. Defense still seems solid against great teams, such as Northwestern and Indiana, but offense is the issue at the moment. I am not too confident at the moment whether Wisconsin can stop the five game winning streak by Iowa.

No. 18 Coastal Carolina vs. Troy

My pick: Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina shows that they are one of the best non group 5 teams in the nation by beating Brigham Young University last week. It is unlikely that they will be selected as top four, but you never know until the end. Keep rolling, Coastal Carolina!

No. 20 University of Southern California (USC) vs. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

My pick: USC

USC is currently the highest ranked team in PAC-12 as 20 (likely change when the new ranking comes out on December 8th). Regardless of that ranking, it seems unlikely that USC can climb up to top four by the end of the season, but any loss, especially against UCLA will end their hope.

Charlotte vs. No. 21 Marshall

My pick: Marshall

It is hard to tell what happened to Marshall last week by getting shut out by Rice at home game. Maybe the rescheduled game caused some differences? If they can past the painful loss that broke their perfect season, Marshall will still take care of Charlotte easily.

No. 22 Washington vs. No. 23 Oregon

My pick: Oregon

Uh Oh.. Pacific-12 (PAC-12) conference is in trouble now with USC and Colorado only undefeated teams in the league. Regardless of that, Oregon and Washington always features one of the most exciting games in college football.