College Basketball Top 25 Game Predictions Week 4

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

College basketball already featured top 5 matchups, and more exciting games are coming despite that fact that some games have been cancelled already. There is a rumor that March Madness (college basketball playoff) may feature 32 or 16 games tournament instead of the usual 64 (or 68 teams). Regardless of the format, us college fans would like to see that happening in March. Fingers crossed! Here are some matchups that are likely to be top 5, top 10, top 15, and top 25. It was unfortunate to see Wisconsin fell short this week in both football and basketball, but this can be a lesson for the future success.

Teams that will be in top 5

Gonzaga, Baylor, Iowa, Michigan State, and Kansas

Baylor established themselves as an early favorite after knocking out Illinois and Michigan State shows that they also belong to top five after beating Duke.

Teams that will be in top 10

Duke, Houston, Villanova, Wisconsin, and West Virginia

The biggest matchup features the game between Duke and Illinois at Duke. Illinois is a tough team but beating Duke at away game is always one of the most challenging games. We will see if Illinois survives. If they do, they will be top five.

Teams that will be in top 15

Illinois, Creighton, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and Texas Tech

I expect that Creighton and Texas both lose this week, and they will be just out of top 15.

Teams that will be in top 25

Texas, North Carolina, Richmond, Rutgers, Ohio State, Michigan, Richmond, Saint Louis, and Florida State, Arizona State,

The featuring Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and Big Ten challenge features some exciting games. I believe that Rutgers, Ohio State, and Michigan will be advanced with a win, and Florida State potentially knocking out two solid teams, Indiana and Florida to be close to top 15.