Big Ten Football (non-top 25 matchups)

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

If someone predicted that Penn State, Michigan State, and Michigan would have the same number wins as Rutgers by now, people would that that person is trolling and knows nothing about football. With 0-9 record in Big Ten conference, Rutgers had one of the worst seasons last year. I personally predicted that Rutgers would have a one win season, but it is great to see Rutgers going into the right direction. On the other hand, I predicted that Penn State and Michigan to be much better. I picked Penn State as a Big Ten represent for the playoff, but they ended up having more losses than wins this year. A year of 2020 is definitely different, and many people want to move on to 2021, and I bet Penn State, Michigan, and Michigan State all feel the same way. Here are some matchups and my picks for non-top 25 Big Ten teams.

Minnesota vs. Nebraska

My pick: Nebraska

The interesting fact is that the last team Nebraska and Minnesota faced was Purdue. Minnesota had two cancelled games. The results? Both teams won. It is a disappointing season for both teams, but I believe that Nebraska will pull it off this time to finish strong.

Rutgers vs. Maryland

My pick: Maryland

Rutgers played seven games so far while Maryland only played four games. Maryland had three cancelled games this season by avoiding games against Ohio State, Michigan State, and Michigan. Maryland showed some promise by beating Penn State at away game, but this is the year when Penn State had 0-5 start. Will Rutgers make three win season? We will find out soon.

Michigan State vs. Penn State

My pick: Penn State

After beating Michigan and Northwestern, Michigan State showed that they could blow any team’s playoff hope. It would have been tragic for the Big Ten Conference if they beat Ohio State last week, but Ohio State did not fall for it. On the other hand, Penn State has enjoyed a two game winning streak, and I believe they will end up with three game winning streak to forget the year of 2020.