Early NBA Season Preview Part 2

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

In the NBA, trades have happened many times already as we head into the new season, with the Los Angeles Lakers being one of the busiest teams.

It is scary to look at the Lakers’ roster right now with LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, and Marc Gasol potentially being their starting five. Schroder, Harrell, and Gasol are all hustle players and bring a great defense to the team that is already known for having a great defense already.

What surprised me the most is the addition of Harrell, who played for the Los Angeles Clippers last year. Every NBA fan knows the beef between the Lakers and the Clippers last year. Even Patrick Beverley, a point guard for the Clippers, was shocked to hear this news.

I did hear rumors about some Clippers players being unhappy with their former head coach Doc Rivers and star players Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but rumors are rumors, and it is always difficult to trust their sources.

However, it seems certain that the Clippers have a problem they need to fix as soon as possible to compete for the title.

Another interesting possibility is both James Harden and Russell Westbrook leaving the Houston Rockets.

The media really seems to be pushing the idea that Westbrook will go to the New York Knicks, but we will see what happens. I feel like the Knicks are always the destination whenever a free agent comes up.

The chance of Westbrook going to the Knicks is unknown as this point, but if he does, he will bring some excitement to the Knicks fans.

On the other hand, Harden’s potential destination is the Brooklyn Nets, where Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are.

The Nets just signed Joe Harris, a sharpshooter, so the Nets cannot be ignored from a title contender in the 2020-2021 season.

If Harden ends with the Nets, there are many question marks for them. Is Durant going to be back in his old form? If not, how good is he going to be? Will Irving and Durant co-exist in the team? Who is going to be a starting point guard for the Nets, Irving or Harden?

Regardless of all these questions, the Nets will be an entertaining team in terms of basketball and outside basketball.