College Basketball Top 25 Game Predictions Week 1

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

March Madness is back! Wait, sorry it is only November. I am just too excited to see college basketball, and I cannot wait for March for basketball and warm weather.

It is still unknown how many games will be cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. Some people may say the NBA games were all good to go last fall? It is true, but all the players were isolated and we are not putting all these college ballers in one place.

There are more variables that something can happen for college basketball. There are more games played in a week for college basketball, so it is more difficult to predict than college football.

Instead, I will focus on which teams will be in top 5, top 10, top 15 and top 25 positions.

Teams that will be in top 5

Gonzaga, Baylor, Villanova, Virginia, and Iowa – The top 10 matchup between Gonzaga and Kansas is the most exciting game in week 1. Unless Kansas beats Gonzaga, which is not what I am predicting. Outside that game, week 1 will be quiet for week 1.

Teams that will be in top 10

Wisconsin, Illinois, Duke, Kentucky, and Tennessee – Not much thrilling games scheduled for this week, and I believe that Kansas losing to Gonzaga will likely knock them out of top 10, which brings Tennessee up as new addition!

Teams that will be in top 15

Kansas, Creighton, Michigan State, Texas Tech, and West Virginia – The matchup between No. 14 Texas Tech and No. 17 Houston will flip flop the ranking, but I predict that Texas Tech to win the matchup so bring Texas Tech remain in top 15.

Teams that will be in top 25

North Carolina, Houston, Arizona State, Texas, Oregon, Florida State, University of California Los Angeles, Ohio State, Rutgers, and Michigan – There are not many games scheduled for week 1. I believe that Houston and Arizona State will both lose, but they are currently ranked 17th and 18th respectively, and I don’t think one loss this week will knock them out of top 25.