Give one of Chloe Ting’s free workout programs a try 


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A free workout option are the exercise videos by Chloe Ting.

Hannah Dotzler, Copy Editor

Are you wondering how you’re going to stay fit and active now that it’s getting colder outside? I was too – until I discovered Chloe Ting. 

Ting is a fitness vlogger with almost 16 million subscribers on YouTube. She offers a variety of different workout programs, and the best part is, they’re all free! She has workouts that target several parts of your body and ones that are meant to give different types of results. For example, she has quite a few ab and flat tummy workouts in addition to slim thigh and lean arm programs. Some are intended to strengthen and tone your body and others are meant for weight loss. Some even just serve as a way to get in a little daily physical activity 

Ting’s programs are made up of a series of short videos to follow each day, and they range from two weeks to 35 days in length. Some days you may only have one or two workout videos to do, and other days, you may have as many as four or five. Full workouts range from 10 to 50 minutes each day. And don’t worry about getting over-worked, she does throw in some rest days every once in a while, too! You can find all of Ting’s workout programs on her website, If you do not feel like committing to a whole workout program, you could always follow individual videos of your choice from her YouTube channel, which is just called “Chloe Ting.” 

So far, I have completed two of Ting’s workout programs, “25 Days Hourglass Challenge” and “2 Weeks Shred Program,” and thoroughly enjoyed them both. I like how her workouts do not make exercising feel like a chore, but instead make you excited and motivated to get moving. In all her videos, she has upbeat music playing in the background, which really helps to distract you from working out.  

I follow Ting’s programs primarily to stay fit. However, many people use them to lose weight and have proven to be very successful with it. Ting has multiple videos on her YouTube channel showing before and after pictures of her followers who have done the programs, and the results are amazing. One of her most popular programs is the “2 Week Shred,” which many people have lost quite a bit of weight from – and after only 14 days! Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just keep active, Ting has a perfect program for you! 

If you’re looking for a new, effective way to exercise, I highly recommend giving one of Chloe Ting’s free workout programs a try!