Fantasy Football Week 9 Pickup 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

It is getting closer to playoff in fantasy football! If your team has 0-9 or 1-8 record, I am very sorry for your season. If you are in a keeper league, time to trade. 


  1. Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams) – Goff has been struggling lately, but the bye week should give him some energy. Out of all the matchups in this season, the game against the Seattle Seahawks is a good bet. The Seahawks defense is not as good as they used to be, and this week may be Goff’s better week.
  2. Derek Carr (Las Vegas Raiders) –Carrrhas not had good games since week 5 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The home game against the Denver Broncos should be a turning point for Carr as the Broncos defense are bottom 10 against quarterbacks this season. 

Running Backs (RB) 

  1. KalenBallage (Los Angeles Chargers) – Ballage used to play the New York Jets and he got released in week four. In most cases, that is the end of football career. However, he came back somehow leading the Chargers in carries and even scored a touchdown after Justin Jackson was out. It is clear that Ballage is ahead of another RB, Joshua Kelley and possibly Justin Jackson.  
  2. Duke Johnson (Houston Texans) – David Johnson is questionable to play in week 10, which means the next man is up. Duke Johnson filled in nicely for the absence of David Johnson in week nine, and he should be in for a big game against the Cleveland Browns in week 10.
  3. J.D.McKissic(Washington Football Team) – Kyle Allen was injured, and now Alex Smith is up as the next quarterback for this team. We all know that Alex Smith throws many times, and this is not good for any traditional runningback. However, McKissic’s catching ability is what caught my attention – nine catches and 65 yards. He may not get these many catches, but he will fit in great with Alex Smith’s offense. 

Wide Receivers 

  1. 1.Richie James (Washington Football Team) – Personally, I do not expect a player to repeat a huge game a week after. James had nine receptions and 184 yards with a touchdown in week 9 underNick Mullens as a quarterback. Before week nine? None. There has not been any involvements with James in this offense. However, 13 targets (the next highest target in the team is five) under the new QB Mullens with is promising. Also, George Kittle, a star Tight End is out, so Jame should be able to get a plenty of looks, especially against the Saints defense in week  
  2. Curtis Samuel (Carolina Panthers) – With Christian McCaffrey back, this team’s offense was explosive in week nine against a great team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Samuel has been efficientlyinvolved in both rushing and receiving in the past three weeks, and he should be ready for another solid game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tight End 

  1. Jordan Reed (San Francisco 49ers) – Iknow.. I understand how would you start someone with one reception and three yards? Even with 2 points per reception league, that is only 2.3 points for his performance. However, I am still high on his potential as the 49ers are desperately need productions from wide receivers. Someone named Richie James who did not exist in fantasy football league before week nine got 184 yards and a touchdown. Reed will be fine. Plus, it was his first week coming back from injury reserve. 
  2. Logan Thomas (Washington Football Team) –Alex Smith is back as a quarterback for the Washington Football Team, which means thatrunningbacks are in trouble, but wide receivers and tight ends have are good to go. Jordan Reed (TE) and Alex Smith had a good chemistry going (at least in fantasy football perspective), and Thomas should get his targets increased against the Detroit Lions in week 10 

Defense/Special Team (D/ST) 

  1. Philadelphia Eagles D/ST – Pretty much any game against the New York Giants and New York Jets is a great bet for D/ST. The Eaglesactually have a good defense, but with the bye week, many teams dropped this defense. Snag them for this week! 
  2. Detroit Lions D/ST – If you are in 12 or 14 teamleague, you may have to dig in a little bit deeper to find somebody this week. The lions D/ST should be a good bet against the Washington Football team, especially with a new quarterback, Alex Smith under command. 


Hope for the best….