College Football Top 25 Game Predictions Week 11 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Pacific-12 (PAC-12) conference is now back, so all Power 5 conferences are back in the action. There are still a few undefeated teams, and we will see how long the streak will last! 

East Carolina vs. #7 Cincinnati 

My pick: Cincinnati 

Cincinnati is still undefeated, and they have been constantly mentioned along with Brigham Young University (BYU) as group 5 teams that have a shot for the playoff. 

#13 Wisconsin vs. Michigan 

My pick: Wisconsin 

Will this game happen this week? I was so worried about this game before the season started, but the way Michigan is going, I feel a little bit relieved about this matchup. I am more worried about whether this game will even happen. 

#9 Miami vs. Virginia Tech 

My pick: Miami 

Miami survived a game against the North Carolina State last week. However, win is a win, and they should be more prepared to play this week. 

#10 Indiana vs. Michigan State 

My pick: Indiana (50-50) 

Indiana has been one of the biggest surprises in college football this year after beating Penn State, Rutgers (well.. okay), and Michigan. Michigan State is a solid team, and don’t be fooled by their loss against Rutgers. I feel 50-50 on this game, but if I have to pick one, I will go with Indiana. 

#12 Georgia vs Missouri 

My pick: Georgia 

The home game loss against Florida last week was devastating, and their playoff chance is almost gone at this point. They have to root for Florida to lose two games out of five remaining games (vs. Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Louisiana State University). One loss is possible, but two losses seem very unlikely. It is very unfortunate for an elite team like Georgia in one of the toughest conferences in the nation. 

#15 Coastal Carolina vs. Troy 

My pick: Coastal Carolina 

Coastal Carolina is still undefeated, and they keep going! It is unlikely that they will get selected as top 4 as a group 5 team, but it is exciting to see a drastic change from the last year (5-7). 

Western Carolina vs. #22 Liberty 

My pick: Liberty 

Liberty is also undefeated this season, and it will be cool to see 10-0 record teams meet in the final game. Let’s go both Coastal Carolina and Liberty! 

Middle Tennessee vs. #16 Marshall 

My pick: Marshall 

Wait, another undefeated team? It is great to see many elite group 5 teams in top 25, and I hope for the best for these teams. 

South Alabama vs. #25 Louisiana 

My pick: Louisiana 

Do you know which team really caused the collapse of the Big 12 conference? Louisiana. The upset game against Iowa State in their first game basically changed a tone in the Big 12 conference. Every time Iowa State beat a Big 12 team, it makes that Big 12 team look possibly worse than Louisiana. Iowa State is currently in the first place of Big 12 (5-1), and there is a good chance that Iowa State will win the Big 12 conference. Imagine Louisiana has not lost, and the win comes from the Big 12 conference champion. That may be the strongest case that any group 5 team could have brought. However, the loss against Coastal Carolina knocked Louisiana out of top 25 as well as playoff talk. Meanwhile, Coastal Carolina enjoys an undefeated season (7-0) so far. 

#2 Notre Dame vs. Boston College 

My pick: Notre Dame (by a small margin) 

Notre Dame shocked last week by beating Traver Lawrence less Clemson at home. A win is a win, and Notre Dame deserves credits and respect. However, don’t underestimate Boston College. This is the team that almost beat Clemson at away game. The game will be much closer than what people would expect. 

#3 Ohio State vs. Maryland 

My pick: Ohio State 

It is impressive that Maryland beat Penn State at away. They got another tough matchup against Ohio State this week. Regardless of the result, this season is promising compared to the last year’s (3-9). 

#5 Texas A&M vs. Tennessee 

My pick: Texas A&M 

Do you know which team has a legit shot to make the playoff without winning a conference title? Texas A&M. Their only loss came from Alabama at away game. But really, how many teams in the nation can beat Alabama at Tuscaloosa (I have to triple-check the spell..)? if Texas A&M finishes with 9-1 with a win against Florida and only loss against Alabama, it is hard to deny this team in the top four spots.  

#20 USC vs Arizona 

My pick: USC 

Pacific-12 (PAC-12) Conference is back! The only two ranked teams in the conference, USC and Oregon both won the matchup last week to show some hope for a playoff spot.   

#24 Auburn vs. Mississippi State 

My pick: Mississippi State 

These two schools have great football teams, but they always struggle in middle of the season after facing other elite teams in the Southeastern (SEC) conference.  

#1 Alabama vs. LSU 

My pick: Alabama 

Remember when LSU was ranked the sixth in the nation? I don’t, either.  

Arkansas vs. #6 Florida 

My pick: Florida 

Just like that, Florida is back to the playoff conversation. With only loss coming against Texas A&M, which is currently ranked the fifth in the nation, Florida makes a great case for the playoff spot. Just keep winning, and you will be in. 

#11 Oregon vs. Washington State 

My pick: Oregon 

It is still a way to go for Oregon to be in top four, but it is promising to see their ranking closer to top 10 (11th currently). With the top 10 teams possibly collapsing, Oregon has a chance for a playoff spot if they go undefeated. 

#19 Southern Methodist University (SMU) vs Tulsa 

My pick: SMU 

The win against Tulsa will give an edge to SMU to potential rematch against Cincinnati in the conference championship game. Cincinnati needs SMU to be ranked as high as possible to boost their resume for the playoff. 

 #23 Northwestern vs Purdue 

My pick: Northwestern 

Who would have thought that this game would be a top 25 matchup? Northwestern has been impressive by beating Maryland, Iowa (away game), and Nebraska so far.