College Football Top 25 Game Predictions Week 9 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Big Ten football is back! It is great to watch the Wisconsin Football game again this year. I am sure many Wisconsin fans were happy to see a great performance by our new Quarterback (QB) Graham Mertz against Illinois. This week could have featured one of the biggest matchups between Penn State and Ohio State, but we know what happened to Penn State against Illinois. 

#19 Marshall vs. Florida International 

My pick: Marshall 

Marshall is still undefeated, and Florida international with a record of 0-3 does not seem to be able to stop them this week. 

#9 Wisconsin vs. Nebraska 

My pick: Wisconsin 

I was more concerned about this matchup before the Big Ten season started. However, the way Wisconsin performed last week with Graham Mertz as QB as well as Nebraska’s meltdown against Ohio State made me feel confident that Wisconsin will take care of this game. 

Boston College vs. #1 Clemson 

My pick: Clemson 

It is true that Clemson was only up 6 points against Boston College during the third quarter, but Clemson still beat Boston College by 26 points. The media is way too critical of this team even though all they do is winning. This team is one of the best teams in the nation, and I doubt Boston College will stop them this week. 

#5 Georgia vs. Kentucky 

My pick: Georgia 

The loss against Alabama was devastating for Georgia, but Georgia still has a chance to make the playoff if they keep winning if Alabama finishes as an undefeated champion in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The real question is whether the playoff committee picks Georgia over an undefeated or one-loss champion from Big 12 or Pacific-12 (PAC-12) Conference. Well, let’s take care of Kentucky before that discussion! 

 Memphis vs. #7 Cincinnati 

My pick: Cincinnati 

My question is whether undefeated Cincinnati can be in top four for the playoff. This requires some chaos to happen, but it is possible if the team keeps winning. 

 Michigan State vs. #13 Michigan 

My pick: Michigan 

Woah. Okay, I expected Rutgers to have at least one winning Big Ten game, but I did not see that coming from the road game against Michigan State. On the other hand, Michigan beat Minnesota on the road game by 25 points to show that this year may not be different. 

 #16 Kansas State vs. West Virginia 

My pick: West Virginia 

Kansas State enjoys its four-game winning streak after the surprising loss against Arkansas State in week one. Big 12 conference is already in trouble with loss from Oklahoma and Texas, and currently Kansas State is leading the conference with 4-0 record. West Virginia has been consistent at home, and I think they should be able to upset this matchup. 

 #20 Coastal Carolina vs. Georgia State 

My pick: Coastal Carolina 

The fun fact: Coastal Carolina beat Louisiana by three points on the road and Georgia State lost Louisiana by three points at home. Coastal Carolina has showed that they can handle road games just fine like home games. 

 #23 Iowa State vs. Kansas 

My pick: Iowa State 

Iowa State has been a center of Big 12 conference’s mess this season as they lost against Louisiana but won against Oklahoma. The barely lost against Oklahoma State on the road by three points, but if they won against them, Big 12 conference would have been doomed. This can be good news for Cincinnati, Georgia, and PAC-12 conference. 

 #4 Notre Dame vs. Georgia Tech 

My pick: Notre Dame 

This is one of the biggest matchups this season between Notre Dame and Clemson. Wait, sorry that is for the next week. 

 #17 Indiana vs. Rutgers 

My pick: Indiana 

Both teams got spotlights last week from huge upsets. Now, which team continues the spotlight? 

 Texas vs. #6 Oklahoma State 

My pick: Oklahoma State 

This game could have been Texas favored to win in week one, but many things have changed since then. Oklahoma State must win every matchup, and Texas is trying to have somewhat good season by beating Oklahoma State. 

 #25 Boise State vs Air Force 

My pick: Boise State 

It is unfortunate for Boise State to join the football season a little bit because this is one of the best non-Power 5 league teams, but they will make some noise before the selection day. 

  Mississippi State vs. #2 Alabama 

My pick: Alabama 

There seems to be no weakness in Alabama, and Mississippi State will not be able to keep up with Alabama’s offense. Another blow out game is going to be added to Alabama’s resume. 

 #3 Ohio State vs. #18 Penn State 

My pick: Ohio State 

This matchup would have been the top 10 matchups between two Big Ten teams, but the devastating loss against Indiana makes this game less thrilled. I predicted Penn State to beat Ohio State before the season started. However, I do not think that Penn State can be mentally ready to play well after the loss last week. Ohio State will win by more than two touchdowns (TD). 

 Arkansas vs. #8 Texas A&M 

My pick: Texas A&M 

Texas A&M has been bouncing nicely after the loss against Alabama by beating Florida and Mississippi State. If their only loss comes against Alabama (assume that Alabama becomes an undefeated SEC champion), they can make a case why they belong to top four. 

 Missouri vs. #10 Florida 

My pick: Florida 

The close loss against Texas A&M was heartbroken. However, they still have a chance to make it the playoff if they keep winning. 

 Navy vs. #22 Southern Methodist University (SMU) 

My pick: SMU 

SMU could have shined against Cincinnati to boost their resume last week. At this point, the chance to make it the playoff is gone, but they can be a spoiler for Cincinnati later. 

#15 North Carolina vs. Virginia 

My pick: North Carolina 

North Carolina bounced back after losing against Florida State. Virginia has not done quite well this season with 1-4 record, so another possible win for North Carolina. 

 #2 Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech 

My pick: Oklahoma 

It is unfortunate for both Oklahoma and Big 12 conference this season so far, but Oklahoma is going into the right direction after beating Texas and Texas Christian University. They can be a spoiler against Oklahoma State on the 21st of November. 

 Western Kentucky vs Brigham Young University (BYU) 

My pick: BYU 

Another impressive start for BYU this season so far as 6-0 record. The chance to make it to the playoff is low but keep winning and see what happens!