College Football Top 25 Game Predictions Week Seven 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

Some wild games last week, right? 

Costal Carolina vs. #21 Louisiana 

My pick: Louisiana 

The win against Iowa State in week one became a huge advantage for Louisiana. The strength of schedule is an issue for any non-Power 5 league teams, but imagine Iowa State wins the Big 12, and the only loss is coming from Louisiana from the Sun Belt. 

#17 SMU vs. Tulane 

My pick: SMU 

I knew they were going to win against Memphis! The matchup against Cincinnati on Oct. 24 will be a crucial game for Group five this year. But, let’s win this game first. 

#15 BYU vs Houston 

My pick: BYU 

The last game against UTSA was a lot closer than BYU expected. I think that the last game was a wakeup call for BYU, and they should be able to handle Houston better. 

#1 Clemson vs. Georgia Tech 

My pick: Clemson 

I read an article recently that Georgia Tech beat Cumberland in 1916 by 2220. Will Georgia Tech summon that magic from 104 years ago? 

#8 Cincinnati vs. Tulsa 

My pick: Cincinnati 

I am shocked that Cincinnati is ranked top 10 already in AP. With Big Ten and Pac-12 not having many games played, Cincinnati is taking advantage of the situation and keeps winning. I wonder if they can be the first team to make it to the playoff as a non-Power 5 league team. 

Pittsburgh vs. #13 Miami 

My pick: Miami 

If Miami lost against Clemson in a close game, I think Pittsburgh may have a chance, but with a blowout game, Miami should be more than ready to bounce back. But, I do feel bad for Pittsburgh’s past two losses (they lost by one point each game). 

#14 Auburn vs. South Carolina 

My pick: Auburn 

Auburn survived against Arkansas by two points after the loss against Georgia. A hiccup game happens after losing, but Auburn should be more prepared. 

Kentucky vs. #18 Tennessee 

My pick: Tennessee 

Tennessee has a tough game every other week. The second game was against Georgia, the fourth game is against Alabama, and the sixth game is against Texas A&MAlright, the seventh game is against Auburn, and the ninth game is against Florida. But hey, at least you will be fine against Kentucky. 

Louisville vs. #4 Notre Dame 

My pick: Notre Dame 

With Notre Dame being a part of ACC, the ACC has been more competitive with more ranked teams. Notre Dame has two tough games later in the season against Clemson and North Carolina, and it will be interesting how many ACC teams will represent the college playoff this year. 

LSU vs. #10 Florida 

My pick: Florida 

LSU started from No. 6 in the first week to not ranked in week seven. Florida also lost a close game against Texas A&M last week, so this is a game between two disappointed teams. This game was expected to be top five team matchup to a Florida must win matchup. 

#11 Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State 

My pick: Texas A&M 

Mississippi State has a strange season so far. They won against LSU at away game but lost against Arkansas at home (and lost against Kentucky at away). Many people thought Mississippi State would be a dark horse this year, but it doesn’t seem that way. 

#15 North Carolina vs. Florida State 

My pick: North Carolina 

Florida State did well against Notre Dame in first quarter (they were up 17 to 14), but then they lost. North Carolina has its best season for a long time, and they should be fine against Seminoles. 

#7 Oklahoma State vs. Baylor 

My pick: Oklahoma State and Baylor (50-50 for me) 

For basketball or football, the team tends to lose again after losing in overtime games. Oklahoma State is on a driver’s seat representing Big 12, but don’t underestimate Baylor. This game will be a close one. 

#3 Georgia vs. #2 Alabama 

My pick: Alabama (Alabama by more than 2 TDs) 

On the paper, Georgia has done a much better job handling their opponents compared to Alabama. If this game is at Georgia, I would pick Georgia. However, beating Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Alabama is one of the most difficult challenges in college football. I think Alabama will beat Georgia by more than two touchdowns and show who is the No. 1 team in SEC (and the nation). 

Boston College vs. #23 Virginia Tech 

My pick: Boston College 

If this game is at Boston College, I would almost say 100% chance that Boston College will win. Boston College won by a point and Virginia Tech lost in a close game against top 10 team. I still think Boston College has a great shot upsetting this week.