WolfPack Esports Names Head Coach 

Kyle Kunz, Sports Editor 

On Sept. 14 it was announced that the newest addition to the Madison College Sports Program has found its head coach. Joe Hanson was chosen as the man to usher in the new program.   

Hanson has been with Madison College for 11 years, working in the Information Technology Department as an enterprise system engineer.    

“We are very excited to have Joe Hanson involved as our Esports Head Coach in our inaugural season, said Jason Verhelst, Associate Athletic Director.   

Hanson’s background makes him particularly well suited for this role. His experience in the IT department will aid him in helping his student athletes navigate the technology required to compete in Esports; while his background in gaming will help him guide them in competition.   

I’m an avid gamer, playing games most of my life – whether playing a console, PC, or board game. Often, I find myself feeling a sense of envy when thinking about the opportunities for Esports today. Competitive, structured gaming wasn’t even something that would have been imagined when I was younger.” Hanson said.   

Esports are breaking the mold of the “stereotypical gamer” and changing minds of skeptics along the way. We have an emphasis on inclusion and encourage anyone interested to register for the WolfPack Esports team! Hanson encouraged.