Fantasy Football Week 3 Pickup 

Boh Suh, Staff Writer


  1. Jared Goff (LAR) – Goff was impressive inweektwo against the Eagles (267 yards with three touchdowns & 13 rushing yards). I really like the matchup here against the Giants. I predict that the running backs, (even backup running backs) will have productive time, but Goff will be a solid player for week four. 
  2. Joe Burrow (CIN) – Burrow has a nice matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars in weekfour. Burrow showed in weektwo that he can be a good quarterback (316 yards with three touchdowns, and 19 rushing yards). What I really like about him is that he can give you some points from rushing, which not many quarterbacks can do.  

Running Backs 

  1. Brian Hill (ATL) – As long as Todd Gurley is healthy, Hill is going to be on your bench spot. However, with Gurley struggling through weekoneand two, Hill can be a factor into the future. Again, if Gurley is healthy, Hill won’t give you much at all. 
  2. Jamaal Williams (GB) – Aaron Jones seems like the bestrunning backbased on the performance in week two. The Packers are running more than usual, which means Williams will get more points here and there. Jones ran 16 and 18 times in week one and two respectively while Williams ran seven and eight times in efficient sense (15 carries for 84 yards & four receptions for 21 yards). If you have literally no one to start in week four, Williams can give you 5-10 points. If Jones is out? Well…  

Wide Receivers 

  1. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) – The Hall of FameWideReceiver I remember drafting him back years ago as my secondround pick, and I was ready to roll! Murray likes to throw to the top wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins as he got 25 targets through week two; while both the second and third wide receivers, Kirk and Fitzgerald had combined 21 targets. With Kirk being injured and defense focusing more on Hopkins, Fitzgerald will get a few more receptions and a couple sneaky touchdowns here and there. 
  2. Russell Gage (ATL) – Okay, Julio Jones is one of the league’s bestwide receivers. However, the injuryis always the biggest enemy of any sports player. With him being questionable on a weekly basis, the Falcons may be cautious with their star wide receiver. The second wide receiver, Calvin Ridley has been the best fantasy wide receiver through week two. Gage is not too far off from Ridley. Even when Julio Jones was available in week one, Gage had nine receptions with 114 yards (twelve targets). He will easily get into top 20 if Julio Jones continues sidelined.  

Tight End 

  1. Drew Sample (CIN) – In my last article, I talked about picking up C.JUzomah, the fellowtight end at the Cincinnati Bengals. At least, he got four receptions, 42 yards, and a touchdown before he was placed in injured reserve. Uzomah had six targets before he left the game, and Sample got seven receptions with 45 yards (nine targets) in week two. The rookie quarterbacks tend to work well with their tight ends, and Burrow will keep throwing the ball to Sample. Sample may not be a bad pickup for the rest of the season. 
  2. Jordan Reed (SF) – Reed had 952 yards with 11touchdownsin 2015. I know it has been five years, and people would be like “Why are you dragging that old stat?” The point is that he has been always battling against injuries. However, he was always drafted high enough among tight ends because of his capability once he played. When George Kittle, the fellow tight end at SF, has been struggling with injury lately, the 49ers may be more cautious with rushing Kittle back to the field. What does that mean? Well, Reed has an opportunity. He had seven receptions and 50 years (eight targets) in week two during Kittle’s absence. When Kittle doesn’t play in Week four, Reed will easily be top 10, possibly top five.


  1. LA Rams D/ST – Okay, so they didn’t look that special when the Rams played against the Cowboys and the Eagles onweekone and two. However, it is just hard to not start any team playing against NY Giants at this point. The team lost their running back, Saquon Barkley, arguably one of the best running backs in the league as well as wide receiver, Sterling Shepard, their top wide receiver in week two. The Rams D/ST will shine in week four matchup. 
  2. Houston Texans D/ST – The Texans had faced difficult matchups so far, including@KC, Bal, and @Pit. Any defense can struggle against those teams’ offense. D/ST has been successful against the Minnesota Vikings so far, and the Texans will be okay this week.


I don’t know… good luck