College Football Top 25 Game Predictions Week 5

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

I am using the ranking from September 24th, so the ranking may be different by the time this article is published. The addition of Big Ten teams (yay!) will make significant changes in ranking. 

  1. BYU vs.Louisiana Tech

My pick: BYU 

Louisiana Tech barely survived against Southern Mississippi while BYU beat down Navy by 51 points. This shouldn’t be an issue for BYU especially at home. 

  1. Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

My pick: Oklahoma 

Losing to Louisiana in week 1 basically ended (or very likely) the playoff hope for Iowa State. Beating Oklahoma will bring back Iowa State to have a chance for a better bowl game, but that also means that Big 12 may lose a chance to make the playoff. Oklahoma knows the impact of one loss against a mediocre team during the season, and I doubt they make the same mistake this week. 

  1. TCU vs. Texas

My pick: Texas 

To be honest, this can be a trap game for Texas as they are too focused on playing against Oklahoma a week after this game. However, TCU is not a team that you can underestimate, especially when they beat you last year and ended your hope of making the playoff. I believe that Texas will take care of business, but don’t underestimate the Horned Frogs! 

  1. South Carolina vs. Florida

My pick: Florida 

Florida has some tough matchups coming after this game including @Texas A&M, LSU, and Georgia (sorry, Missouri, I see you). Florida should be fine with this matchup, but don’t let this matchup fool you against those teams in the future. 

  1. Missouri vs. Tennessee

My pick: Tennessee 

Tennessee ended their season in week 1 after the loss against Georgia State at home. I believe in Tennessee that they will last at least two games until they face Georgia on Oct. 10. And then, playing against Alabama, Texas A&M, @Auburn, and Florida…. Okay, I will stop there. Good luck, Volunteers! 

  1. NC State vs. Pittsburgh

My pick: Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh has done a good job through week 2 by beating Syracuse and Austin Peay. The home game helps against North Carolina State, but watch out for the tough away games against Miami and Clemson later in the season. 

  1. Abilene Christian vs. Army

My pick: Army 

Abilene Christian University is located in Abilene, Texas. It is always cool to get to know different colleges. Oh yeah, sorry I forgot about the game. 

  1. Texas A&M vs. Alabama

My pick: Alabama 

If this game is at Texas A&M, I would say Texas A&M. Alabama is just too unbeatable at home (oops. Sorry Joe Burrow and LSU, I forgot about you). 

  1. North Carolina vs. Boston College

My pick: North Carolina 

This was 50-50 for me because I feel like Boston College can pull this one off at home, but the confidence that North Carolina brings as top 15 may be able to win this game. If I were in Las Vegas, I would definitely NOT bet on this game. 

  1. South Florida vs. Cincinnati

My pick: Cincinnati 

I was thinking last week what if South Florida beat Notre Dame? I thought that may be able to put South Florida in the playoff bubble this year. But, no, they did not do so well against Notre Dame. Cincinnati is one of the few non Power 5 schools that has a chance to make it to the playoff this year, and we will see how they do for the rest of the season. 

  1. Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

My pick: Oklahoma State 

When does the basketball season start? I feel you, Kansas.  

  1. Memphis vs. SMU (UPSET ALERT)

My pick: SMU 

Finally, I can write about an upset game. Remember last year when Memphis beat SMU’s perfect season (oh and the loss against Navy two weeks after…)? This is revenge time for SMU. 

  1. Virginia Tech vs. Duke

My pick: Virginia Tech 

Coach K is an amazing coach, and he will always make Duke a final 4 team. Oh wait, are we talking about Duke football team? 

  1. Ole Miss vs. Kentucky

My pick: Ole Miss & Kentucky (I know..) 

I really want to see the results from the week of Sept. 26 game to predict the game. Ole Miss is hosting Florida, and Kentucky is playing at Auburn. I believe that Ole Miss will likely lose in a close game and Auburn will likely blow out Kentucky. As of now, I would say Ole Miss because they are usually hot in the beginning of the season, but if Ole Miss gets blown out by Florida at home game, I will say Kentucky will win. 

  1. Auburn vs. Georgia

My pick: Georgia 

This is one of the games that will be talked about until the college football committee decides which team is in. I think Auburn will be up 7-0 or so, and have a close score until the first half, and Georgia will pull it away. 

  1. LSU vs. Vanderbilt

My pick: LSU 

After you finish 3-9, you may wish that this season is different… 

  1. Tulsa vs. UCF

My pick: UCF 

I read somewhere that some people are expecting UCF making the playoff this year. Without Big Ten and PAC 12, UCF may have a chance. However, UCF will always be in a discussion of weak scheduling (not their fault that good power 5 teams don’t want to risk it). UCF has some good matchups against Memphis and Cincinnati, and they have to win convincingly to have a shot for the playoff. 

  1. Virginia vs. Clemson

My pick: Clemson 

I am just waiting for the game between Clemson and Notre Dame on Nov. 7. 

  1. Rice vs. Marshall

My pick: Marshall 

Rice University is one of the best schools in the nation. They are ranked in the 16th according to the US News.