E-Sports Arrives at Madison College 

Madison College students to join 59 other schools in second year of NJCAA gaming competitions


Kyle Kunz, Sports Editor 

The Wolfpack will join 59 other teams in the National Junior College Athletic Association’s second year of its E-sports Competition. Madison college is one of 33 new programs to add E-sports to its athletic department as the schools deal with the limited fall sports offerings due to COVID-19.  

Madison College had intended to start the E-sports Program in the 2021 year but COVID– 19 moved that timeline up. When asked about it Jason Verhelst, the Associate Athletic Director said “ It (the pandemic) played a big impact we had planned to begin our intercollegiate E-sports program next year.”   

Even with the moved up timeline the newly formed program hasn’t had to lower its expectations at all and has had even better turn out than they could have hoped for. At the time of my interview with Jason they had 37 people interested in the program, all they needed was 15-20.   

When the Wolfpack E sports team gathers to practice and play they will be doing so remotely for the time being. Jason did they are looking at a physical space of some sort in the future. Jason said “It’s something that’s on the to do list. We’ll start our meetings this fall to discuss how we are going to do that and fund raise enough money to get one for next year”  

The fall season will run from September 21 through November 14 with playoffs and championships going from November 15 through December 12. The Wolfpack will compete in Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch, Overwatch and Rocket League on the PC and Madden 21 on the Playstation 4. The student athletes will have to supply their own systems to play these games on  but the games will be provided for them.  

There will be a spring season as well with different game offerings, but those dates and games have not been released yet.  

The E-sports program would like to live stream the games so everyone can show their school pride and root for the Wolfpack.   
Stay tuned here for more updates on the Fall streaming Schedule, Roster, and important Spring dates