Baseball assistant gets job with Rockies organization



Trevor Burmeister, an assistant baseball coach at Madison College for more than three years, has been hired by the Grand Junction Rockies to be their hitting coach.

Christina Gordon, Sports Editor


Every coach dreams about coaching in the Major Leagues.  Former Madison College Assistant Coach Trevor Burmeister is one step closer to that.

Burmeister recently accepted a position with the Grand Junction Rockies as their hitting coach.  Grand Junction Rockies are a part of the Pioneer League, in Minor League Baseball organization.

The opportunity came out of the blue for Burmeister, via Darin Everson, who has a history with Madison College dating back several years ago.

“I have known him or 6 or 7 years now,” Burmeister said. “Whenever we go on spring break trip, we always get together with him and have dinner.  He has followed our program closely.  He called me out of the blue and said that ‘he always thought that I would be a good fit within the Rockies as a hitting coach.’

“The more he explained the position and what it entails, I knew it was a really good fit for what I like to do.  With a lot of similarities with what we do here at Madison College, in terms of the development of the players. It was a fairly long process of talking to several people within the front office. Luckily it all worked out,” Burmeister said.

So how did Madison College baseball coach Mike Davenport react to Burmeister’s new position?

“I was excited for him; he has worked hard,” Davenport said. “He is invested in being a coach, and he is deserving the opportunities that have come his way. I’m really happy for him.”

Burmeister was the recruiting coordinator for Madison College, and recruited many of the players on this year’s freshman team. He said the conversation with them was difficult.

“They were caught off guard,” he said. “I recruited a whole bunch of our freshman, and then leaving at semester it was tough. 

“There was a whole lot of thought that went into it.  At that point I just need to explain to them they whys and the thought that went into it and make sure that they still know no matter what, they are at the place that they are supposed to be.” 

Burmeister is proud of the work he has done here at Madison College.  He said he believes his opportunity to coach at Grand Junction came about because of Madison College, and that it has been the best thing to happen to him as a player and a coach.

So, what is Burmeister going to take with him that Coach Davenport taught him?

“From my experience of being under coach Davenport as a player and knowing how this program operates, I knew he was the guy to be with,” Burmeister said.

“I’m going to take a ton with me.  That is the cool part of coaching. The make-up of who I am and how I see the game is a direct byproduct of coach Davenport. Nobody is better than him.”