Wisconsin still belongs in Top 25

Boh Suh, Staff Writer

The College Football Playoff ranking came out on Nov. 5, and it is exciting to see Wisconsin Badgers three spots higher in the ranking (13th) than in AP poll and coaches poll.

The chance of the Badgers making the playoff is small, but there is still a good chance for the Badgers to make it to the New Year’s Bowls.

Here are my thoughts on some of the top teams in college football:

No. 1 Ohio State – It is difficult to pick against No. 1 Ohio State after watching how they have handled their opponents this season so far. Cincinnati, Michigan State, and Wisconsin all lost by three or more touchdowns at Ohio State this year.

No. 2 LSU – LSU has quality wins at Texas and against Florida, Auburn and now Alabama. They might post the biggest threat to Ohio State.

LSU has a much better resume than Alabama, but their victories in road games and against quality opponents were all somewhat close.

No. 3 Alabama – Alabama has one quality win at Texas A&M this season, but has blown out several lesser teams. Their closest victory was 19 points. Their one loss, to visiting LSU, was a battle the entire way.

No. 4 Penn State – The Nittany Lions suffered their first loss of the season last week, losing to an unbeaten and somewhat unproven Minnesota team. Still, Penn State has quality wins over Iowa, Michigan and Michigan State.

No. 5 Clemson – Clemson fans may not be happy to see the unbeaten defending champs ranked so low. However, they have the fire power to keep winning, and they will be a lock for a playoff spot.

No. 6 Georgia – Georgia lost one game at home this season against South Carolina. However, after their quality win against Florida two weeks ago, they are back on track.

No. 9 Oklahoma – I am surprised to see Oklahoma is ninth in the initial college playoff ranking after seeing that Kansas State, which beat Oklahoma, is ranked No. 16. However, as long as Oklahoma wins the remaining games, they should make a strong case for the playoff spot.

No. 10 Florida – After the loss against Georgia, the chance to make it to the college playoff is likely gone unless Georgia loses two out of three remaining SEC games while Florida wins out.

No. 12 Baylor – Baylor may have been excited for the next week’s matchup against Oklahoma, but struggled to take care of business last week against TCU. In six of their seven games, they have won by a touchdown or less.

No. 13 Wisconsin – Wisconsin has quality wins at home including Michigan, Michigan State and now Iowa. Beating Iowa keeps Wisconsin in the Big Ten West race, but they’ll need lots of help with Minnesota up by two wins.

No 15 Notre Dame – After a blowout loss against Michigan, Notre Dame is no longer a contender for the playoff spot, and they struggled against Virginia Tech at home two weeks ago.

No. 16 Kansas State – Kansas State blew a 14-point first-quarter lead and fell to unranked Texas this past weekend, and now has three losses on the season. It will likely fall in the polls as well.

No. 17 Minnesota – The Golden Gophers remain unbeaten, having mostly handled a tough Penn State team at home last weekend. The only knock on Minnesota is it had a fairly easy schedule up until the Penn State game.

No. 18 Iowa – Iowa is out of the Big Ten West race after the loss to Wisconsin and will likely fall out of the top 25 in the next poll.

No. 19 Wake Forest – Virginia Tech dominated the second half against Wake Forest to pull off the upset. With the loss and so many close matchups (five out of nine matchups were determined by six points or less), Wake Forest will likely drop out of the polls.

No.  20 Cincinnati – A blow-out victory for Cincinnati this past week should ease the pain of a 3-point win against East Carolina two weeks ago.

No. 22 Boise State – It took overtime, but Boise State survived, 20-17, against Wyoming and may see itself move up in the polls considering it only has one loss.

No. 25 SMU – SMU may not have been recovered from the loss against Memphis last week, but a 59-51 shootout against East Carolina won’t do anything for its ranking.