Corcoran a team leader in 2 sports



Madison College’s Megan Corcoran has been a team leader on both the WolfPack volleyball and women’s basketball teams.

Ethan Maurice, Staff Writer

Playing in multiple sports is nothing new for Madison College’s Megan Corcoran. As an only child, her parents got her into nearly every sport to help her make friends.

Corcoran, a stand-out volleyball and basketball player at Madison College, enjoys both the camaraderie and competition sports provides.

“They literally just put me in every sport imaginable when I was young. It was more or less to try to make me have friends, since I was an only child. But then it just turned out that I was good at them,” she said.

From soccer to softball and everything in between, Megan played it as a child. As she grew up, she had to narrow it down.

“My mom made me kind of push swimming out of the way because she hated waking up early to drive me there,” Corcoran said with a smile.

Corcoran attended LaFollette High School, where she focused on just three sports: volleyball, basketball and softball. Making varsity as a freshman in all three sports has been one of her career highlights.

“I had no idea how high school was going to be, so I just tried out for varsity in all three and made them,” she said.

Madison College women’s basketball player Megan Corcoran brings the ball up court during a recent game.
Madison College women’s basketball player Megan Corcoran brings the ball up court during a recent game.

When college started however, Corcoran decided to drop softball and focus on volleyball and basketball.

Most of Corcoran’s life was school and sports, so it makes sense that most of her friends are athletes.

“I just think that bond, especially being on a team with someone, you have that family aspect,” Corcoran said.

She also talked about her love of hanging out with her teammates, something that happens all over Madison College.

“A lot of (the basketball players) come to my volleyball games,” she said. “Volleyball and basketball, I kind of bring them all together. Both teams hang out together on weekends, so it’s fun.”

Teammates share a unique bond, unlike any other social relationship. They share the biggest victories, and the most crushing losses. There are often special handshakes, or in Corcoran’s case, special nicknames.

“They call me Regina George, from ‘Mean Girls.’ This is kind of bad, but I’m really sassy on the team, …. I’m not afraid of what I want to say,” Corcoran said, explaining her nickname.

“Each person on our team, we all kind of have a person from Mean Girls. On my volleyball team, I get called ‘Snacks’ because I’m always eating. I always have snacks with me.”

Corcoran’s high school volleyball coach, Tara Harms was a big influence on her. Harms’s sister, TeAnn, was playing at Madison College at the time, and the two worked together with former coach Toby Parker to recruit Corcoran to come to Madison College and play volleyball.

She showed up, but realized that she didn’t want to just play volleyball. So she walked on to the women’s basketball team and has become the team’s top scorer.

Corcoran is a team player off the court, and she is a star on it. She finished leading the WolfPack volleyball team in October, when the team lost in the regional tournament. She led the team in kills as an outside hitter and was second in digs.

Now that basketball season has started, Corcoran’s focus has shifted to getting buckets. A team captain, she leads the ninth-ranked WolfPack with 21.1 points per game and has earned two NJCAA Player of the Week awards this year.

Corcoran is looking at transferring next year, and has been getting looks from both Division 2 and 3 programs in both volleyball and basketball. She plans to major in accounting, but hasn’t made any final decisions yet.

When she leaves her Madison College athletic family, Corcoran plans to say connected with many of the friends she has made during her two years here.

“I’ll hold onto these friendships forever,” Corcoran said.

It seems like her parents’ plans worked out quite well.