Guests in awe of $6 million Goodman Sports Complex


Alexandra Christensen/Clarion

The view from the top of the Goodman Sports Complex softball diamond bleachers offers a great perspective.

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

The main construction on the Goodman Sports Complex is done and just a few small projects remain before the whole complex will be completed. The complex includes a new softball diamond, soccer field, and amenities such as locker rooms, athletic training rooms, grandstands, press boxes, and state-of-the-art turf.

As it stands now, the Goodman Sports Complex is breathtaking. Even the people who have had a part in planning the Goodman Sports Complex are a bit in awe of Madison College’s new athletic venue.

“It’s amazing. It’s truly amazing,” said Madison College Athletic Director Steve Hauser.

“I think it turned out great,” said Jason Verhelst, the assistant athletic director. “I get excited every time I go out there and see people’s faces when they see the facility.”

The athletic department worked closely with the architects to ensure the facility would meet the college’s needs.

Madison College’s Goodman Sports Complex also includes an all-turf soccer field.
Alexandra Christensen/Clarion
Madison College’s Goodman Sports Complex also includes an all-turf soccer field.


“We were very, very involved in the design,” Hauser said. “Basically, we had our desires and things we needed to have in a complex and a facility and then we (the athletic department) worked with REG the architecture firm.”

There are spots in the complex where guests can watch both fields at once. That way they could watch a soccer or a lacrosse game and a softball game at the same time.

“My favorite spot is the landing on the entry soccer press box that is elevated. Because from that view point you can see softball and the entire complex from that side, and then you can see soccer and the entire field and bleachers from that perch,” Hauser said.

The softball diamond has been the WolfPack’s home field all season, while the collegiate soccer teams have played a few spring matches there already.

“It’s great to see both faculties being used,” Verhelst said.

Another spot that offers an amazing view is the top of the softball bleachers. From there, you get an amazing panoramic of the complex plus the Truax campus.

The softball area seats 485 fans, while seating for the soccer fields is at 246. The complex has not been filled to capacity yet, but Verhelst said the game against Rock Valley was close.

Hauser said Madison College is the first to have an all-synthetic turf softball diamond. Another unique feature is that the locker room and restroom floors are heated.

“It was designed by our college faculties department and the architect. It’s a very energy effective way keep building heated,” said Hauser.

The Goodman Complex is open all year around, with hopes that the community can also use it.
“We hope it is used a bunch by our community. We also have some internal events that we will be doing,” said Hauser, explaining that a summer camp is being planned as well.

The camp is called “I Can Madison College” and is a collaboration between the college, the East Madison Community Center, the Kennedy Heights Community Center, the Goodman Community Center and Warner Park. Youngsters will be playing soccer and doing activities that teach them team work and collaboration. Faculty members and students will come in and let them know about opportunities at Madison College.

“It possibly could bring future students to the college,” said Verhelst about the kids coming to watch sports at the complex and participating in the camps.