Kegler family, WolfPack welcome newest arrival

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

The Madison College WolfPack Athletics family got a little bit bigger over winter break when men’s basketball coach Bill Kegler became a first-time father.

Kegler and his wife, Nya, welcomed their daughter, Jamila Kennedy, into the world on Dec. 27.

“It is an amazing experience that no matter how much people try to help you understand the changes that will occur in your life, you cannot fully comprehend them,” Kegler said about fatherhood.

Being a new father hasn’t changed anything for Kegler, though, as far as his team goes.

“My wife has not only been a great mother but a phenomenal wife and understands that I have a responsibility to also be a father-figure to the 13 young men on our team,” he said.

The coach said the team has not had a chance to meet the newest member of the Kegler family yet.