New live stream option makes it easy to keep up with WolfPack athletics


Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

Realizing that there is a WolfPack basketball game today, you really want to go and watch them play. After double-checking the schedule, you see that they are playing in Milwaukee and it is an away game.

You’re a little bummed out that it’s not at home. But with Madison College TV, you won’t have to miss it.  

You can visit MadisonCollege.TV online and stream the game live without leaving your house.

Jason Verhelst, the Assistant Athletic Director, has hoped to live stream games for while, but the plan finally came to fruition this year.

“I have been wanting to stream our WolfPack games for a long time,” says Verhelst. “I had a conversation with (Clarion advisor) Doug Kirchberg, because Doug was going to start a studio and was interested in doing some live streaming of Student Life events. So we calibrated,” Verhelst said.

The two pooled resources to purchase equipment and soon after the MadisonCollege.TV domain was purchased.

You can access the live streams from any device from an Internet browser.

“We have people that watched the game from their phone at a coffee shop,” explains Verhelst. “Pretty much from anywhere and the picture is incredibly clear, which is awesome.”

“A lot of parents and grandparents of our student athletes are excited to be able watch a game,” says Verhelst about the response he’s been getting to the live streaming site. He said it’s perfect for when they’re not able to attend a game, especially if is away game or when there’s bad weather during the winter.

During the first semester, the athletic department streamed home basketball games. This semester they hope to stream both home and away games.

Later this spring, Verhelst will be testing it out with baseball and softball as well.

“We have 200,821 viewers since Dec. 22,” Verhelst said. “So far, we have streamed 24 events.”

One of those 24 events was one of the volleyball games during the playoffs this fall.

It will be free at least until the end of the school year. The athletic department is considering monetizing the site to help pay for it.

“We want to make it so those people who are using it are paying for it. At the same time to we want to allow parents, and grandparents access to it,” explained Verhelst.

He wants it to be affordable for students, family members of the athletes, and for scouts who use the streaming services.

“I hope it can become an online hub for student activities,” said Verhelst.

He also hopes that it is also used for non-sporting events as well to give the community a view into what life is like in Madison College.