New coach, familiar plan


Alexadra Christensen/Clarion

Bill Kegler has been promoted to replace Scot Vesterdahl as coach of the Madison College men’s basketball team after five years as an assistant. Vesterdahl compiled a 249-242 record in more than 14 years of coaching at Madison College.

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

When a new coach is hired, it’s often an indication that the program is going to head in a new direction.

That’s not the case for the Madison College men’s basketball program.

When Bill Kegler was promoted to replace the retiring Scot Vesterdahl as the men’s basketball coach over the summer, it was a nod to continuity.

Kegler served as an assistant coach at Madison College for five years and said he looks up to Vesterdahl, who was inducted into the college’s athletic hall of fame this past spring.

“I was an assistant here for five years, so I have known Coach V for a long time. Scot has been a role model of mine, so I am really excited that I am able to follow in his footsteps,” Kegler said.

“So it’s nice to be able to be the person who is in charge of everything now and who has the ability to change these guys’ lives and academic careers. It’s a fun opportunity I am really looking forward to.”

Vesterdahl compiled a 249-242 record in more than 14 years of coaching at Madison College.  Kegler hopes to continuing building off the foundation Vesterdahl started.

“I want to build off the foundation that Coach V laid down,” Kegler said. “He does a really good job developing young men into adults, so that’s a process that we are going to keep.”

Specifically, Kegler said he plans to “utilize a lot of the things he did as a coach and a mentor for kids to help this program to continue to improve.”

Still, he admits that fans may notice some changes on the court, saying, “I am different than him, so we will do some things in a different way.”

Practices for the upcoming season won’t begin until mid-October, so it’s too early for any projections regarding how the team will perform on the court.

But Kegler does have goals for his players.

“I want to see everybody achieve to their capability academically,” said Kegler. “I want to see the second year guys put themselves in a position for next year, when they decide move on.

“For the first year guys see them to show continued improvement both in the classroom and on the court, so they can start to build their foundations for their careers.”

Those goals should sound familiar. They’re virtually the same goals Vesterdahl set for his players during his tenure.