Sports Complex Groundbreaking Set for April 19


Provided to The Clarion

This is an artist’s rendition of the new softball diamond in Goodman Sports Complex at Madison College.

Bailey Ayres, Sports Editor

The groundbreaking for the Goodman Sports Complex will be April 19, with work beginning on the new soccer fields.

Madison College’s newest sports complex will include a soccer field, softball diamond, storage, press boxes, concession stands and a ticket booth. Seating will be 300 for soccer and 500 for softball.

It will be located in the same area the current soccer field and softball diamond. Up to 50 new parking spots will be added in the complex remodel. They will be used for school during the day and then sporting events during the nights and weekends.

The fields will be made out of turf, so it will be easier for sports to be played during fall and spring seasons.

“We are in a northern climate, and it is really difficult for our softball team. They weren’t practicing outside today because they couldn’t get on the field. …  The usability factor is much higher with synthetic [turf],” said Steve Hauser, the Madison College athletic director.
The goal is for the new soccer fields to be completed on Aug. 15.

“We are hoping the soccer team can use the  (soccer) fields in the middle of September,” said Hauser.

Work on the softball diamond will start on May 5, after the season ends. The goal is to have the softball complex completed by December or January so that the team can begin using the diamond in for the 2017 spring season.

“We are really, really, really excited about this,” Hauser said. “This is going to be the finest softball and soccer facility anywhere in the Midwest. … Through the generosity of the Goodman Foundation there is going to be going to be a lot of use, not only college use but the high school and community use,” he added.