WolfPack golf looks forward to playing on its home turf

Jolie Vale, Sports Editor

After a month on the road playing six out-of-state tournaments, the WolfPack golf team prepares to finish up at home.

The program’s short two-month season has been an overall success with the team averaging a fourth place finish. Coach Bill Kokott attributes this success with the strength of his players, particularly Adam Miller.

“Adam Miller is a fine player,” Kokott said. “He brings with him a stellar high school record and an accomplished junior tournament record. That experience makes him a solid anchor for the team.”

Miller is consistently the top-finisher for the WolfPack at every tournament. In the College of DuPage Tournament, Miller and teammate, Michael Wiebe, tied for first place, giving the team an overall first-place finish. The four tournaments proceeding have also been dominated by Miller.

“During our practices he raises the bar a little for everyone else. I believe that good ball striking, good putting, and good play is contagious so everyone on the team performs a little better when they around that influence,” he said.

However, a positive influence isn’t the only contributing factor in the team’s achievements. Kokott has assisted each individual player to bring fourth their invariable improvements.

“Since our season is only two months long and a sound golf swing takes time to develop, I focus more on good course management and keeping the right frame of mind while playing,” explained Kokott, a mental game and PGA instructor. “It is important that players practice with a purpose and everything that we do in practice is preparing for a good performance on tournament day.”

Though players have two to three hours of practice time with the coach, Kokott believes their dedication to the sport allows them to further cultivate their skills.

“I have been very pleased with the amount of golf the players put in outside of team practices. Two of them work at nearby courses where they can practice during off time. Others put in extra time practicing at our home course, The Bridges. The desire to improve is what brings players to the top in golf as well as in life,” he said.

Though many may find themselves fixated on Miller, the head coach believes all of the WolfPack players will have the opportunity to stand out.

“The key to the team’s success has been the consistent, good play out of the rest of the team,” Kokott said.

The team finishes the regular season in the Madison College Invitational at The Bridges’ golf course. The tournament will be held Saturday, Oct. 3 at 11 a.m.