Play intramural dodgeball

Tannen Todd, Staff Writer

The intramural dodgeball team is for any student who wants to have a fun, friendly sports experience and get great exercise in the process.

When I first showed up in December to watch the games, I thought there might be some quarrels between students who would get really into the game.  We all can remember those moments in gym class, when the Olympiads would put their heart and soul into it and emotions ran high.

But soon after the games started, I realized that this was all about having fun together.
When asking Gary Nuad, the director for the dodgeball intramurals, what could make the program better, he said, “Simply, just more students so we can have set up teams each week.  Currently, we are doing pickup games with about 20-25 students, which is fun, but having set teams will help add onto the friendly competiveness.”

With set teams, students would be able to create team names, logos and t-shirts to show their pride.

When asked about the best thing this intramural dodgeball league has, Naud said, “Seeing all students have a great time, nothing else can put a bigger smile on your face.”

Charles O’Connor, a transfer student at Madison College, said every week his friends come and meet at the gym to play.  And the other students I talked to had nothing but good things to say about the event, whether it was about the coaching, the players or the games played.

The dodgeball games they play include several variations: prison ball, medic (where one player one each team can revive downed players), Revenge of the Nerds (one person for themselves) and classic dodgeball.

If you are interested in joining and are taking at least one credit at Madison College, come to one of the games that are every Monday night, starting at 7:15 p.m. and ending at about 8:30 p.m. To join, you can simply sign up online at, find Madison College, create an account and sign up for free.