Boston Marathon bombings in global perspective


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Michael Klein, News Editor

The Boston Marathon is not the only sports event to be interrupted by terrorism; here is a list of a few more to put this issue into a global perspective.


Munich, Germany – 1972

Type of Attack: Massacre

At the 1972 Summer Olympics Palestinian group Black September killed two athletes of the Israeli Olympic team and took nine more hostage. It was a retaliatory action against the Israeli government in response to the arrests of hundreds of Palestinians. All nine of hostages were killed during an airport gunfight after a day of failed negotiations.


Atlanta, Georgia – 1996

Type of Attack: Bombing

A pipe bomb exploded at Centennial Olympic park during the 1996 Summer Olympics while the band Jack Mack and the Heart Attack was performing. One person was killed and more than 100 more were injured by the blast. It wasn’t until 2005 that Eric Rudolph plead guilty to the bombing charges.


Iraq – May & July 2006

Type of Attack: Massacre

Iraqi athletes and officials had been targeted a few times previous to the series of attacks that took place between May and July 2006. Iraqi tennis and Tae Kwon Do team members were among those kidnapped and killed. At least 15 were killed in May alone.


Sri Lanka – 2009

Type of Attack: Bombing

The Sri Lankan cricket team’s bus was attacked by a masked gunman in 2009. The attack took place near a sporting venue in Pakistan. Six police escorts were killed and many of the cricket players were wounded as well. Fourteen more people were killed during a 2002 bombing that apparently targeted the New Zealand cricket team.