Softball brings new players and attitude to this season

Eric Daft, Clarion Staff

The WolfPack softball team, coached by Leo Kalinowski, is planning on experiencing a season full of success this spring. The team has already managed to have some marginal success in out-of-conference play, which they now hope to build upon while battling it out within their conference.

Last season came and went without a single win for the WolfPack. The team has hit the reset button this year, almost completely reinventing themselves with a whole new crew of student athletes.

Although young, the team does not suffer from the inexperience that people have come to expect from younger athletes. The fresh talent has made great strides to improve since the very beginning of practices this season.

With the impressive quality of play this season, the team has set their sights for nothing less than great success. Their first goal is to beat their rivals and win the conference. The team’s goals do not end there though. Beyond the conference, the WolfPack wants to win at the regional level and play their way into the World Series. Kalinowski made sure to keep his focus grounded.

“We want to win our conference. That’s our number one goal,” he said.

In a recent tournament in Arizona over spring break the team went 5-5 with outstanding play from freshman Brittany Kaltenberg, an infielder/outfielder combo player who went 27-39 with 25 stolen bases.

“She was named NJCAA Division 3 player of the week, which has never been done here before, I don’t think in any sport,” Kalinowski said.

The tournament was productive for the team as a whole. They gained experience by playing some really good teams and came out of the tournament with their heads held high. Perhaps, as Kalinowski said, they could have played better but the key was that they really grew as a team.

“Overall, we learned a lot about the team. What we needed to work on, what our strengths and weaknesses were.”

With outstanding performances by individuals and a focused effort by the entire team, the WolfPack hopes that all of their hard work will pay off and they will be rewarded with a trip to the World Series.

As of April 9, the WolfPack have a 9-13 overall record and 4-5 conference record.The team was to play at McHenry County College on April 9, the host Triton College on Feb. 14 and Edgewood College JV on Feb. 16.