College has variety of intramural sport options

Mike Wang, Clarion Staff

Ever wondered what it was like to kick the winning goal, hit that wide-open three, or throw a touchdown pass like Aaron Rodgers? Intramural sports at Madison College offer you this opportunity.

“Intramurals are a great way to meet others, exercise, and just have a good time,” said Scot Vesterdahl, head of intramural sports.

There are a wide variety of men and women that participate in intramurals. With the exception of five-on-five basketball and flag football, all sports have a great mixture of males and females.

While some of them use the time to work on their game, most are in it for the fun. Intramurals also offer an opportunity for those who wish to play varsity sports but just don’t have the time to commit. With many students having full or part time jobs, families, and lives outside of school, intramurals can be a great option for those who want to compete but are stretched thin in other areas of life.

There are a plethora of intramural sports throughout the fall and winter semesters. Flag football, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee highlight the fall offerings. Two sports that have just begun are Five-on-Five Men’s Basketball and Co-Ed Volleyball.

There are two types of basketball available. For those who are serious about the game, and want to compete at a high level, a competitive league is available. If you want to have a little fun, recreational leagues are also available. Co-Ed Volleyball is also offered as a recreational league.

Interested in more non-traditional sports? You may enjoy rock climbing held at Boulders Climbing Gym. Passes for this are available at the Health, Fitness, and Recreation office at the Truax campus. The college is also offering two one-day events, which include bowling and a golf tournament.

The bowling event will be held on Feb. 22 at Bowl-A-Vard Lanes. Registration ends on Feb. 15. The golf tournament will be held on April 26 at Bridges Golf Course. Registration for the event ends on April 19. To register for the golf tournament, bowling event rock climbing or any other intramural sport just log on to and fill out a form.

The best part about intramural sports is that most of them are free! Only the golf tournament, bowling, and rock climbing have fees, though they are quite low with intramurals covering most of the costs.

Vesterdahl is working on starting a women’s basketball league and frisbee golf league.

All participants must sign a Madison College Code of Conduct form and have a valid OneCard in order to participate.