At home running with the pack


Kinsey Mace (23) transfered to Madison College from the University of Dubuque and finds herself a perfect fit for the 6-1 WolfPack.

Jason Cuevas, Clarion Staff Writer

A new woman’s basketball sea- son always brings in new players. Sophomore shooting guard Kinsey Mace highlights the new additions this season as the team’s leading scorer though the early going.

The 5-foot-7-inch Mace prefers an aggressive and fast paced style of basketball that fits well with a WolfPack team that likes to push it up the floor. She loves to shoot but has no qualms about driving it into the lane.

The second oldest of five children, Mace comes from a family where every- one is involved in sports. Growing up she played volleyball, softball, soccer and hockey in addition to basketball.

“I touched a basketball probably when I was like two. My dad kind of drilled basketball into me,” Mace said. After graduating from Wisconsin Dells High School, Mace had some con- tact with Madison College, but decided to attend the University of Dubuque.

After a rough season where she felt she didn’t really fit in with the rest of the team, Mace decided to leave Dubuque and thought her basketball playing days were behind her.

“I did think I was done. It made me really sad,” Mace said.

Mace ended up coaching her little sister Jenna’s fifth-grade girls basketball team. Coaching the team brought the fun back to basketball. She talked things over with her parents and her boyfriend, and everyone really pushed her to play.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t’ want to play. My first year kind of ruined it. Just made me hate it,” Mace said. “I wasn’t enjoying playing.”

In April she decided to give Madison College a go, now happy to be at a place that was close to her family and a bigger city environment. The summer allowed her to get to know her teammates on and off the court. She said the WolfPack’s personality fits better than her Dubuque team.

“I think we have team chemistry here. It’s a lot more fun,” Mace said. “Everyone on this team is very loud and I think I fit in with that. Loud and just energetic. We all like to have fun. It’s not all serious. We all love basketball, but we can have fun besides basketball.”

Stumble upon Mace after a loss and you may not find it quite so fun. Despite her normally cheery exterior she does not like the first moments after a loss.

“The first hour after a game I get really upset. Don’t talk to me, I’ll rip people’s heads off,” she said. “I just put on my headphones and don’t talk to anyone.”

Within a couple hours, Mace and the rest of her teammates get back to their joking ways. The positive attitude is important for a team that she describes as having national championship aspira- tions.

“I think we’re going to do really well. Obviously, we have a lot of fresh- man,” Mace said. “They just got to get used to playing at a college level. When everyone gets used to it we’re going to be really good.”

The country loving Mace lives a pretty normal life off the court spending her time reading, shopping or hang- ing out with friends. She also balances working a retail job and her liberal arts studies with her playing commitment.

Mace emphasized that she would love to see more people come out and see the team play. She hopes that as the year goes on people will see the team is strong and help provide the energized atmosphere they would love to have.

Playing on a strong a strong team and finding basketball fun again leaves open the possibility of Mace finding a place to continue her basketball career. For now, she just wants to see where this year takes her.