Softball team hopes home games bring wins

Joseph Dorschel, Sports Editor

Following a slow start to the season for the Madison Area Technical College softball team, coaches and athletes are optimistic about the future. The team, as of April 11, has a record of one win and 19 losses on the season.

Coach Leo Kalinowski says the team is staying positive and energetic. Although their record isn’t where they want it to be, the team is working hard to get better.

Although the team was looking to turn things around at the home opener for the on April 8, they lost both games of the double header. Still, they will continued to have home field advantage for much of the coming month.

“The team was on the (home) field for the first time recently, they are anxious,” Kalinowski said.

With the home games ahead, the team is in position to make up some lost ground in the conference standings. While Kalinowski knows the advantages of playing at home, he also said that the principals are the same regardless of location.

“It is the same process. The game is played the same way. At home there is more of a comfort level,” Kalinowski said.

Kalinowski attributes deficiencies on defense as a main contributor to the lack of success. While players understand their roles as an offensive unit, the coaching staff has had to move players around on defense to make it cohesive. Recently, practices have consisted of defensive work and bunting drills.

“We have certain drills we do. We look back at previous games and work on some things that are flaws,” Kalinowski said.

Despite the lone win for the season, Kalinowski says the team is eager for more. Kalinowski said the coaching staff is phenomenal and has helped him make the transition from baseball coach to softball.

“We make sure that everyday the team is improving and prepared for the game,” Kalinowski said.

The game of softball is similar to a chess match, according to Kalinowski.

The teams do certain things to put players in place to excel. This is done through offensive moves such as pitching, bunts, and different types of hits. It is also accomplished through defensive maneuvering and placement.

Regardless of strategy, Kalinowski knows that players will step up and make plays.