Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Paige Shapiro, Staff Writer

The idea of Valentine’s Day is a remarkable holiday, celebrating the love of your partner, as well as your friends and family. But for most people, it is just a holiday where you spend as much money as one can on teddy bears, flowers and chocolates on a girl who has probably cheated on you at least three times.
Oh, isn’t love beautiful?
I have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. When I was a kid, I absolutely loved (pun intended) the Valentine holiday. Seeing all the decorations of hearts and streamers and the laughter of my classmates when they got a Crush soda can from their secret crush has always been a special memory of mine.
Another reason I loved it so much was because of elementary school. I remember making cereal boxes into Valentine boxes so we could give our classmates each a valentine. A big plus for making the boxes meant we got to decorate them however we wanted. Usually, the teacher was not very happy with us, especially with multiple stickers stuck to the floor.
But now that I am an adult, the glamour of Valentine’s Day has disappeared for me. All I see are corporations and companies gaining a large profit from advertisements wanting to get you to buy a 6-foot, life-sized bear that says, “I wuv you.” Valentine’s Day is just another holiday that is overly promoted for advertisements on overproduced objects that people usually throw out by the end of week. Because, let’s face it, it’s just trash that holds up too much space.
Valentine’s Day doesn’t value the true essence of love, but rather it values objects that just represent a capitalistic idea of love.
Overall, it shows me that it is superficial and exploits people to think that buying another’s love is better than just appreciating one other.
Nevertheless, a huge positive that I do feel about the holiday is the discount chocolates the day AFTER Valentine’s Day. Now that day is definitely worth celebrating.
Valentine’s Day has its perks and downfalls for everybody, but no matter how you feel about the holiday, I hope everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day.