My resolutions are simple goals for the new year

Mary SeGall, Opinions Editor

New Year’s Eve brings many people lots of different emotions. Some feel regret or longing for something to have turned out differently. They are mourning an unfortunate loss or a terrible breakup, while some are ready to start the new year right by making resolutions to live a happier and healthier life.  

I am not alone in saying that I make New Year’s resolutions every year. There are millions of people all over the world that make resolutions. They may seem silly to some people and that is fine. I do it for myself and to better myself in the coming years. I wanted to share some of mine so maybe you would be inspired to make some for yourself if you want. 

Setting goals for yourself to succeed is never a bad idea. My resolutions are nothing grand or anything you have not heard before, but they are personal and meaningful to me for varied reasons and to me that is all that matters.  

My 2023 resolutions are: 

Read more books. I enjoy true stories, autobiographies and I am a bit of a Disney nerd if I am being honest so any of the above always appeals to me.  

Explore more of the world around me. I want to see what more the world has to offer, even if it is right outside my door, like taking an unusual way home from work, or traveling to a foreign country like Germany, France, Norway or Japan.  

Earning my degree and starting my career in event management. My time at Madison Area Technical College is close to being over. I have one more semester after this one before  I graduate. I am excited to use my skills and show the world what I can do and the passion I have for what I do! 

Becoming healthier. I think this is one everyone strives for or so it seems. What I mean by becoming healthier is having a better mental state of mind, no anxiety that I have struggled with most of my life. I do want to get back into shape and eat healthier, but I want to do it in a fun way by cooking up new recipes that will be healthy but fun to make in the process. As far as exercise goes, I love going to Zumba classes, ballroom dancing classes and just going to the gym with a friend. I must keep it fun otherwise, I will lose my motivation to go.  

Stand up for myself. I went through some childhood trauma, and I avoided any sort of confrontation. I have been working through standing on my two feet and working on speaking my opinions and what I want and not just saying yes to please everyone else.  

These are my resolutions for the year 2023. Your resolutions can be whatever will help you live a healthier and hopefully happier life. It is not easy to keep these resolutions with work, school and other obligations. I wish you all the absolute best with your resolutions!