Winter is the worst

Taleise Lawrence, Assistant Editor

We’ve already passed the winter solstice, and I could not be happier. Why is that? Because I can’t stand winter.
You might be thinking, “how could you hate such a beautiful time of the year?” And I agree! When the snow is falling prettily and I’m in a warm house, winter isn’t all that bad. There are a lot of fun holidays to celebrate. You can go outside and do things like ice skating, snowball fights or making a snowman.
But I hate the cold.
In Madison summertime, the temperature is usually around 79 Fahrenheit, according to Weather Spark. It drops down to about 15 Fahrenheit in the winter. The worst part is when there isn’t even any snow! You’re telling me I have to shiver all day long and bundle up each day of the week, only for there to be no pretty scenery to look at? That’s absurd. If it’s going to be cold, give me snow.
While the snow can be pretty, it’s annoying to deal with.
Scraping off my car every morning gets old really fast. Shoveling and salting sidewalks is exhausting. Slipping and sliding when I walk outside is no fun. And driving when the roads haven’t been completely cleared yet is treacherous.
Another thing I hate about winter is how dry the air gets.
My hands crack and bleed every single year, no matter how much lotion I put on them. My friends get bloody noses daily. My humidifier is working overtime for all of the dastardly winter months.
Not only is winter cold, exhausting and dry, it’s also just too gray.
I miss seeing green plants and vibrant flowers. Sure, we have evergreens to keep us sane, but it’s just not the same. I miss the natural variety that the other seasons have to offer.
Despite all of this, I can still see the beauty in winter. There’s nothing that feels quite the same as seeing the first snowfall. Walking outside after a big storm and hearing how quiet everything is can be a grounding experience.
But for now, I’ll be counting down the days until spring has sprung.