People leaving Twitter are swarming to Hive

T Clearwater, Staff Writer

With the purchase of Twitter by the world’s leading jackass in transportation manufacturing, we have seen not only the stocks crash but the quality.
Bans have been lifted, promotion of hate speech is at a new high and half of the staff got canned on one eventful day. Many of the most noteworthy people at the company have left and seem to criticize Elon Musk at every turn.
In short, Twitter has virally been dubbed as a dumpster fire. And many Twitter users want out.
The question is where can they go? What platform could give them what Twitter, with all its own quality issues, could offer them? Most people have had no answer.
But a budding social media platform that has been in development for at least a year is one possibility. That platform is called Hive, and it recently went live.
Hive sadly has had a few issues. So many people were ready for the app that the first few hitches, such as slow feeds, were due to the THOUSANDS of people signing up daily since its debut.
We were swarming all over the new app, adding each other left and right, and realized that we were all likely bogging it down. That’s fine and to be expected.
However, some larger issues came up such as gray screens, not being able to log in after logging out or re-downloading it and not being able to block, DM or reject a follower.
We have seen issues with not being able to upload content of all types, and some stressed that their security hasn’t been great.
But there have been many benefits to the app and many people like myself are staying loyal to an early stages platform. I personally enjoy the feature of letting yourself opt in or out of seeing NSFW content on your feed, which many people have enjoyed.
A large reason people wanted to be part of the platform was its sex positive nature; and by a lot, I mean a lot. It filled every platform for a week straight. That’s because people wanted to be able to have conversations filled with art and other images about sex and the human body without being found in violation of terms of service leading to blocks and bans. The users aren’t asking for pornography, but want more freedom for general NSFW content.
However, not everyone wants that! So, you can choose to have it or not have it! That’s such a big win for the platform.
That and I hear it’s slated to be one of the most protective social medias for artists. I’d say another big win would be to greatly monitor AI art personally, but who knows what their next win will be.
Ultimately, the app is just budding. It’s less than four months old and was well received internationally. It’s bound to have some bugs. But as the world’s mass joins the platform, the users will help them flesh out these problems sooner.
My biggest gripe with Hive is cross-platform sharing and music sharing. Outside of that, it’s enough like the good old blue bird that many are ready to say goodbye to.