Naming the king of my my fast food face-off

Taleise Lawrence, Assistant Editor

McDonald’s versus Burger King: which is better?
According to a comparison done by Business Insider in March, 2022, Burger King is at an equal or better value as McDonald’s. Most items end up being very similar in price, though. If you are getting a lot of food then both places would be a fine choice. However, McDonald’s has a dollar menu, which puts it higher than Burger King for me. If you just want something small for yourself, Ronald McDonald is the man to visit.
But what about the flavor? McDonald’s wins in savory food items. The Quarter Pounder beats the Whopper every time. They have five chicken sandwich options opposed to Burger King’s measly two choices.
BK’s sides dominate McDonald’s, however. They have fries, onion rings, chicken fries and mozzarella sticks. So many choices! Ronald is only offering fries. They’re good, but where’s the variety?
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, I’d pick McDonald’s for sure. They’ve got ice cream, hot pastries and bakery items available to eat. Burger King has three different types of dessert, but they’re all ice cream based. Not a whole lot of options, even if the vanilla shake is to die for.
I’m sure everyone has their personal favorite, regardless of price or flavor. Burger King holds a special place in my heart because of how often I used to go there. My brother and I worked the night shift together and would go get fast food every morning; Burger King was the only place open that early.
Every day for a month straight we would pull up and order the same exact thing. Eventually we would get to the ordering box and they would just tell us our total before we had even said anything. I have fond memories of this time in my life, so Burger King wins the nostalgia battle for me.
While writing this article, I discovered that Burger King has what they call Kids Meal. Sometimes there are toys that come with it. I was surprised to find that they’ve been doing this since the early ‘90s; I’ve never heard of it before! Of course, I knew about the iconic crown that kids get at Burger King, but never a toy.
But who could forget getting a Happy Meal as a kid? Or begging your parents to stop in the drive-thru when there was a toy from your favorite movie? McDonald’s will have to win this round too.
If you’re looking for a vegetarian option at McDonald’s, you’ll be looking for a while.
For a short amount of time they were serving the McPlant, which was made with a plant-based patty. This burger was discontinued, though, after lackluster sales. Even their fries are fried with a natural beef flavor.
Not only does Burger King have French fries that are safe for vegetarians, they have a whole burger dedicated to them. The Impossible Whopper features the same toppings as a regular burger, but with a plant-based patty instead. Burger King wins the vegetarian face-off.
Here’s where it gets interesting. The Burger King, who was once the mascot of its namesake, retired in 2011.
Frankly, I’m very glad. The character is terrifying. A person dressed as a king wearing a huge plastic mask would represent the chain. The reason he retired? He was too scary. Josh Koza, who was once the chief financial officer of Burger King, stated that, “We got rid of the creepy king character that tended to scare away women and children.”
McDonald’s has all sorts of fun characters in their lineup. Some of those include the popular Ronald McDonald, Grimace and the Hamburglar. While many of them faded out due to legal reasons, Ronald McDonald is still popular to this day. In 2016, the mascot went on hiatus due to the clown violence that was happening at the time.
Honestly, I think both places lose on this one. The fact that both companies had to retire their mascots because they were too creepy is pretty funny. We’ll call it even here.
According to my very intensive scrutinizing of these two large chains, McDonald’s is the better fast food restaurant. If you love Burger King, don’t worry, it only lost by one point. A burger is a burger at the end of the day.