Don’t just ignore the election

Lillian Coppelman, Editor In Chief

As voting season starts, many students may find themselves questioning whether they should blindly vote or not vote at all. Voting is a significant role that anyone eligible should do, especially when it comes to issues that affect themselves and others in the community.
Turning a blind eye towards the polls will not stop the problems that students may have with the state or federal government. There are many distinct reasons and issues to vote on besides having the right to do so.
A common misconception about voting is that it is not important at all, that a single vote does not matter. But it does. Each and every vote is significant when electing a senator or governor. There have been plenty of elections in the past that were decided by a handful of votes. If people do not vote, their voices will be left unheard.
Even if people believe that their vote does not matter, they should still vote as there are several issues that voting influences in the state and in the country.
Students can vote to protect what they believe in. Different politicians have varying opinions on several issues such as abortion, gay marriage and gun laws. These issues can directly affect students and their quality of life if laws are put into place or overturned, thus making it crucial for citizens to let lawmakers know what they stand for by electing officials that share similar views on those subjects. It is up to the voters to make sure that their rights are protected and preserved.
Students are also able to vote for politicians who make them feel safe. Each candidate may have distinctive opinions on how to control crime in the community. Students may vote for or against several issues such as gun control, the elimination of cash bail and defunding the police. It is up to the voters to elect the official they believe has the best policies to help themselves and their communities stay safe from harm.
Voting for the future is another reason to go to the polls. Decisions made now can affect younger generations for years to come, and it is the responsibility of the older generations to make their communities a safe and welcoming place to learn and grow. Issues such as abortion and gun control can have a direct impact on future generations, which is why it is important to go out and vote for the politicians that you believe have the future in their best interests.
There are a multitude of issues that students can vote upon. It is now time for students to go out there and spread the word and let their voices be heard.