A reminder of the pain inflicted by colonialism

Simple steps can make a real difference for them

Iman Alrashid, Copy Editor

At age 96, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Sept. 8, 2022. The whole world was sad, shocked by her passing.

The BBC reports, “some of the first mourners to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state in Westminster Hall have come away in tears, describing the sight of the cloaked coffin as overwhelming.” 

I am astonished at what is going on in our world. What is really overwhelming is 1.8 million Syrian refugees and Ukraine refugees, most of them starving and dying from the bad living conditions. People in Africa are starving to death. This is overwhelming.

I cannot think of another event or issue that has received a similar amount of attention in recent times.

Not everyone is interested in issues like African poverty and children’s hunger. Some people do not care about the refugees’ day-to-day life in the desert. But what about global warming? I wish the global warming topic gets attention the same way the queen’s passing away did. At least global warming affects the whole planet; it should matter to everyone.

When I think of Queen Elizabeth II, the first thing that comes to my mind is that Great Britain has invaded almost 90% of the world’s countries in its history. And since the queen represents her country, I can say with a clear conscience, “Queen Elizabeth, rest in peace; I will never forget the war crimes by UK forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.”

“Queen Elizabeth, rest in peace. I will never forget British colonialism, and the people around the globe who were subjected to mass famines and brutal massacres at the hands of imperialist troops.”

I do not think any royal will rest in peace. The aristocrat’s appearance in the British royal family will never clear the bloody history of Great Britain.