From student to editor in chief


Lillian Coppelman

Madison College journalism student Lillian Coppelman is the new editor in chief of The Clarion

Lillian Coppelman, Editor In Chief

After graduating high school I didn’t really know where I wanted to go with my life. I had always been passionate about writing and telling stories, I had been doing it since I could pick up a pen. 

So when I applied for Madison College I decided to give journalism a try. I was a little nervous as I had never really given journalism a thought before, the closest I had actually done was my role in my high school’s broadcast team. Though reporting the daily announcements is hardly the same as reporting for the school newspaper. 

When I applied at Madison College for the spring semester I had decided to play it safe and only take one journalism class. I didn’t know if this would be the right path for me and I didn’t want to have too many classes to drop if it wasn’t. 

I joined the Clarion for my journalism practicum class, starting out as a staff writer. I knew that if I was going to start out I should write what I know, so I stuck mostly to the arts section. It was easy to cover things that I watched or played, it gave me a real connection to what I was doing. 

I was really nervous about submitting my first article. I was never a big fan of anything I wrote and this was going to be put into the student newspaper. I felt like it was sloppy and somewhat rushed, but to my surprise people actually liked it. As the semester chugged on I felt a little more comfortable in my role as a Staff Writer and my skills as a writer. 

I never would have applied for Editor In Chief if the previous Editor In Chief  Kaleia Lawrence and hadn’t suggested it to me. So now I have some pretty big shoes to fill this year, but I know that I will do the best that I can. I’m excited to be back with the Clarion and I can’t wait to continue what I love doing, writing stories.