Navigating a year of evolving challenges

Now that the academic year is over, we can collectively reflect on what we accomplished and what we survived. This was a long year of many changes.

We began the year with many classes taught virtually. Then we moved to in person and learned to navigate new matters like what kind of mask to wear, knowing where to find the hand sanitizer stations and judging appropriate space for social distancing. The Greek alphabet took on new meaning as we came to know delta and omicron variants.

Still, Phi Theta Kappa proved steadfast as it, early in the year, held its in-person, Halloween spooktacular as well as other events throughout the year. The Student Senate held elections. Starbucks and the UW Credit Union reopened. As students, we encountered a crowded parking lot, some of us for the first time.

And as Madison College came back to life, it took a prominent role on the front line of the war on COVID-19. The National Guard was mobilized to become certified nurses aids. It was here at Madison College where they received their training.

Furthermore, the fitness center reopened, the artisanal meat program received its own counter, the UW signed new transfer agreements and our baseball team was ranked No. 1. All this in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

The world hasn’t returned to normal. It’s uncertain if it ever will. Madison College students, faculty and staff have proven they won’t be defeated. Some students are graduating while other students will be returning next year. Madison College has prepared them all to rise to the challenge of navigating this new normal.