The meaning behind St. Patrick’s Day

Madalyn Breunig, Staff Writer

There’s one main goal on St. Patrick’s Day – drinking a green beer. Kidding: there are many festivities on this green day, but do we know why we are giving a toast on March 17?

We honor the patron from Ireland, Saint Patrick. Believe it or not, he was born in Britain. He brought Christianity to Ireland, and he died on March 17. Therefore, we celebrate. Although I am not Irish, my family participates in a whole weekend dedicated to the fun holiday.

I spent the weekend in Milwaukee, attending the parade and drinking green beer. The city is always busy this weekend; it’s a fun time filled with activities for the whole family. St. Patrick’s Day events have been pushed off for two years due to COVID-19 and finally, it is back on the weekend of March 12.

If you’re not Irish but still want to celebrate, there are plenty of things to do in Madison: beer crawls, Irish food and virtual events. If you have kids, virtual events may be a good option. Unfortunately, the Madison St. Patrick’s Day parade has been postponed to 2023. There are also many decorations in stores; you could throw your own party.

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives and some events don’t seem the way they used to be, including St. Patrick’s Day. However, we can still celebrate, and if anything, we can be with our families and friends this St. Patrick’s Day.