COVID-19 rules in Switzerland compared to the United States

Asime Ibraimi, Staff Writer

Even if you don’t follow the news, you must have heard or experienced the new and relaxed CDC rules with regard to COVID safety protocols.  The United States has struggled with decision making for COVID regulations since day one.  

I’ve recently had the pleasure of traveling across the country to Switzerland and witnessing the different approaches and lifestyles with this pandemic.  

The United States as a whole does not have a universal requirement for mask wearing, with states, counties and cities left to decide if and when face coverings should be required. Vaccination is encouraged but is ultimately optional with no limitations.  

However, in Switzerland, COVID rules are strict.  The different realities hit me when I was rejected entry into a restaurant for not having the proper Switzerland COVID certificate.  

Switzerland has a form that needs to be filed, reviewed and then approved before you get specific personalized digital QR code that proves you are vaccinated and/or recovered from COVID.  

Every enclosed area mandated this QR code to be scanned for admittance. Masks were required and COVID tests cost anywhere from about $33- $195.  

If you did not have the vaccination you were required to be quarantined for about five days if you traveled in or out of the country.  

It’s hard to compare the impact of the more stringent rules because of the drastic difference of size and population between Switzerland and the United States.  It is evident that the United States is less organized and indecisive with its feelings towards COVID than other countries.  

The United States needs to make up its mind and get on one page. Either we commit to rules and regulations, or we don’t do anything and live regularly.  

The constant changes and inconsistency are causing confusion and inefficiency. I think it’s unhealthy to live in unpredictable times.