What makes me hate COVID so much

Paige Zezulka, Managing Editor

As I write this on the 10th day of having COVID, I can firmly say, COVID sucks. It’s not even the nasty congestion that comes with it, or the cough on repeat, the fever of 101 or the body aches that literally ran through the tips of my toes to the split ends of my hair that bothers me the most about this deathly virus.
No, I can take that. My body and mind are surely strong enough. I think so anyways…I mean I am slowly recovering so let’s hope I don’t jinx myself.
But what truly makes me hate COVID so much is the fact that millions of others are testing positive for this literal death spell who don’t stand a chance surviving it.
And it’s the fact that I had to sit in my bed for days on end thinking about this, thinking about how worse off others are when I myself, was experiencing the worst sickness I’ve ever felt in my life.
I thought about what others out there with preexisting health conditions severe enough to chance dying already every single day without this pandemic in their lives. I thought about my grandma with Parkinson’s who just had a hip replacement, my girlfriend who has severe asthma and allergies, my brother who is still recovering from brain surgery and is battling alcoholism.
Then I thought about me, healthy as ever. No health issues or concerns and how thankful I was. Because to be honest, I don’t know how someone with underlying diseases could survive the severity of this virus.
I understand now why ICU’s are packed full. I get why mask mandates continue to be lengthened. I see why restaurants, shops and concert venues request vaccination cards.
I also understand that there are many people who have tested positive for COVID and remain a-symptomatic or just receive a slight cold. So, I can see how this virus isn’t taken completely seriously and quite lightly at times.
Though, I have to admit, my case of COVID was worse than some. And there are many others who are battling this sickness months after they were found positive or worse, the battle consumed them.
Regardless of the many ways someone can experience COVID, vaccinated or unvaccinated, whether you test negative or positive, have symptoms or not, everyone is impacted by it in some sort of way.
And it sucks.