How to survive going back to school

Mary SeGall, Staff Writer

Springtime is around the corner, and you know what that means, don’t you? School, of course! The pressure of going back to school can be overwhelming for sure with having to get up early for class, possible late nights studying for exams and keeping motivated in class while trying to balance school, work and somewhat of a social life! Over this past year I have come across a few tips I have become accustomed to and hope they will work for you.
It is the first day of school and that annoying alarm just went off telling you to rise and shine. If you are an individual that needs a little help getting up in the morning, try setting your alarm earlier by five to ten minutes to give you some time to make coffee and help you relax for a few minutes before the rush of the day begins. Starting your day off in a hurry can set a harsh tone for the rest of the day to come.
A good technique I used last year is to try arriving at school 15 to 20 minutes before class starts. It allows you to take everything in as you walk through the halls of Madison College and see what all is going on, what clubs are offered, where the library is, restrooms and most importantly the classroom. You do not want to be at school five minutes before your class, have trouble finding a parking spot, not know where your classroom is and be late on the first day back. You can only make one first impression; make sure it is one that you feel good about setting the tone for the rest of the semester.
After class, go explore! There is always something going on at Madison College from clubs like the newspaper, chess club and audiovisual club. Socialize with others. Maybe you will find someone that is in the same program that you have a class with. I was lucky enough to meet a friend this past semester in my Mindset for Success class and we really hit things off. You never know until you try; do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Being social is a part of human nature, embrace it. Stop into the WolfPack Den, where there’s pool tables, TVs and students playing cards or just hanging out and eating lunch constantly. It’s a great place to socialize and meet new people.
Travel to the library. It’s located on the second floor. Tutoring is available there if needed, though requests need to be put in beforehand. The library is a wonderful place to go and study; it is nice and quiet. Locate the student advising services to help with your academic planning or other needed accommodations they can lead you on the right path on whom to help you with those.
Ask for help when you need it. I struggled with this myself last semester but the staff at the business lab are so wonderful in helping with math and technology classes. I used them a lot during last semester. School can be challenging. If you ever need someone to talk to, destress or help solve an issue, contact Student Service to make an appointment with a counselor. Student help is a wonderful tool to help you on the road to success, from helping with practicing interviews to helping find a job after graduation. Use it; it’s there for you to use!
My biggest piece of advice to give you is to enjoy your time at Madison College. Despite being stressed out about grades and finals, make time to enjoy yourself, have a social life, join clubs and practice those interview skills. Everything the school has to offer, make sure you use it, that is what it is there for. Staff is there to help you succeed but we need to take the first step in making that happen.