Quarterback focuses on self in COVID approach

Jonathan Zorc, Staff Writer

As a lot of you football heads may know, Week 9 of the Packers ended up with Aaron Rodgers sitting out the game against the Chiefs due to a positive test for Covid-19. People were left confused and fantasy fans probably upset from the outcome of this test.  

This comes from the fact that in an interview with Rodgers earlier that season, he told reporters about his COVID status, that he was “immunized.” To me and a lot of other people this meant he was vaccinated. To our surprise, he of is not, which he stated was due to being “allergic” to parts of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and was opposed to taking the Johnson and Johnson due to blood clot complications.  

The MVP quarterback said on talk shows the he is an “athlete not an activist” in regards to his opinions on the situation. Rodgers sides with how he is in control of his body and what he puts in it, and is opposed to the rules and regulations the NFL has in place. He doesn’t want to be a huge face in the anti-vax community, and actually refers to himself as not being any part of that community.  

Although Rodgers seems to be careless about the situation, he acknowledges the hardships that COVID has caused. He understands what people have gone through, people dying, losing businesses and “their way of life,” but this doesn’t stop Rodgers from implying his opinion of “believing in himself” and his body being able to fight off the virus.  

Overall, the situation is very hot, and Rodgers is under a lot of fire from this. This won’t change his opinion about the vaccine, and he has said that he will not answer any more questions about it at this time. At least he isn’t a total denier of the situation like a few groups are at the moment. The loss against the Chiefs is noted due to the backup quarterback Jordan Love being Rodger’s replacement, but in the end was a small setback for the Packers. As of now, the team is at an amazing 9-3 record, on top of the NFC North conference and looks to be that way for a long time.