The horrifying Astroworld tragedy

Adeline Holte, Staff Writer

Nov. 5 ended up bringing a sad, horrific event at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston. The festival ended up resulting in a total of 10 deaths as of now, and hundreds of injuries from the packed concert holding around 50,000 people.

The performer, Travis Scott, is under major fire from the media and the public who say he didn’t do enough to prevent the festival from getting out of hand. To make matters worse, videos across social media are going viral of Scott noticing something wrong in the crowd, but continuing the show.  

The disgusting behavior and dismissive attitude is apparent in hundreds of viral videos, including a video of a young woman climbing up on a platform to scream to security that “there is someone dead in here!” only to be told to get off the platform. Scott continued the show despite the crowd starting a chant to stop the show.  

Many people on social media are saying Scott knew what was happening, but refused to stop the show anyway. This situation is appalling, disgusting, and horrifying. There are ongoing investigations into the tragedy including why the concert continued for 37 minutes after a “mass casualty event” was declared. Although Houston Police Chief had enough officers to handle the crowd, he said he could not have abruptly ended the show due to fear of sparking a riot his department could not control, according to the Houston Chronicle.  

In all honesty, the show should have been stopped. Videos, photos, and statements all across social media appear to show Scott seeing the panic and still continuing on with the show, revealing his selfish, horrific and self-righteous attitude. In a video posted by Scott’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, an ambulance is seen trying to get through the crowd of the festival, with people blocking the way. Jenner states that she did not notice the ambulance in the video and had no idea the chaos that was happening at the festival. 

A couple other videos have gone viral across social media of other artists, like Billie Eilish and Adele, noticing people pass out during their concerts, and stopping the show to ensure the people were safe. In the viral video of Eilish’s concert, she is shown completely stopping her show, calling out to the person who passed out to make sure they were OK, and proceeding to personally hand the fainted girl water. The singer then called out before starting the show once again: “does anyone else feel like they’re going to pass out?” when some people answered “yes” Eilish personally handed them out water, then confirmed everyone was safe once more before starting the show again.

The two videos of Eilish and Adele caring for their fan’s safety has outraged many people, who say that if the two popstars are able to stop their shows until everyone was safe, then Scott should have been able to do the same thing, especially with the amount of injured in his concert. These claims hold absolute validity, as Adele and Eilish have proven that stopping a show to ensure someone’s safety is entirely plausible and should be done. 

Scott is facing piles upon piles of lawsuits and is being sued by many of the victims and their families. As of now, it seems as though the rapper’s reputation will not recover. And to many, many people, including myself, he deserves all the flack he is receiving.