Martial arts can be helpful in everyday life

Iman Alrashid, Staff Writer

Have you ever asked yourself if martial arts is a necessity or waste? If you did, let me tell you that martial arts is an important skill for our daily lives.
Martial arts improves your self-confidence by improving your physical abilities, making you more situationally aware of the danger and making you less likely to be targeted. It will make you avoid violence on the streets before it starts.
When you train martial arts, mental strength is one of the first things you learn. To make it through the last round of sparring on the mats, your mind has to work against your body. When you finish the sparring game, you feel like you are a new person with superhero abilities.
When you learn any type of martial art, especially if you got your black belt, you feel you have the strength to face the whole world, fight the bad and support the good.
When I said to fight the bad, I don’t mean fight physically. I mean fight mentally because when you learn a martial art, you learn to listen and observe before you act. You learn how to be patient and how to respect differences.
Martial arts make you live your life with more value and a wider perspective. What you gain from learning a martial art is worth the hard work you put in to learn it. This is what happened to me after I got my black belt in karate.
You don’t need to get your black belt to learn how to defend yourself and others. You can learn the essential skills for living a fulfilling and productive life.