First sporting event has me filled with WolfPack Spirit


Ivan Becerril Gutierrez

Madison College’s Taleise Lawrence serves against Bryant and Stratton College.

Eimy Gonzalez, Assistant Editor

am a huge fan of sports. For me, there is no better feeling than getting your heart rate up running about with friends, trying to score, going for good competitivity and staying healthy. However, I have rarely taken the time to see many live sporting events and root for my favorite team.  

I finally came to my senses and the realization that I have been missing out incredibly and all it took was to actually attend a game and come out with a completely new perspective. 

The editor in chief of The Clarion, Kaleia Lawrence, and our staff writer, Taleise Lawrence, are part of Madison College’s volleyball team. Hearing about the training, the matches, wins, as well as all the teams that still laid ahead to play against, probed my curiosity. I had never been to a volleyball game, much less attend a match that my school’s team was playing in, and I was ready to make that jump. 

The next home game I was there. I had never hopped, cheered. and clapped so much all at one time. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I found myself looking at the scoreboard frequently and my heart was beating incredibly fast by the middle of the game.  

It may be a biased opinion, but here at Madison College, we have an amazing volleyball team. The teamwork, strength, passion and commitment seen at the game was mesmerizing. I felt so proud to be a witness of this and be able to root for my school and fellow classmates.  

“Go WolfPack!” I would scream while trying to howl along with the rest of the crowd. The last few minutes were heart crunching, I watched the volleyball keep getting tossed back and forth and all I could do was just hold my breath. Then, the last point was scored, and it was a victory for us. The crowd went wild. 

All the hard work that I had heard of had certainly paid off and I was beyond happy to be able to be there. There is great satisfaction of being a part, even if slightly, of such amazing events. I can wholeheartedly recommend attending one of our volleyball matches, or any sporting event you may prefer.  

Watching sports is a unique experience and it is all the more incredible if you have the spirit for it.  

Go WolfPack!