Pumpkin spice is the best fall flavor

Iman Alrashid , Staff Writer

Fall is my favorite season ever because of the weather, the views, and absolutely the food. There are many fall flavors, but my favorite is pumpkin spice.  

Fall is the most beautiful season in Wisconsin, with the leaves’ colors turning orange, yellow, brown and red. The fresh, breezy air surrounds you with joy and quietness.  

Take a long walk and enjoy the fascinating views as the colorful leaves fall around you, greeting you in a quite charming way. Especially if it’s a little bit chilly, think of the first sip of pumpkin spiced coffee and maybe treat yourself with a piece of pumpkin bread that melts in your mouth and complete the festivity you started with nature.  

There are many flavors for the fall season: ginger, maple, hazelnut, apple, and more. All of them are good, but for me, pumpkin spice is the soul of autumn.